4 Vices- v1

The Four Evils depicted in Malaysia’s First Hakka Mining Museum

It’s better to legalize it to better manage it.

1. “Yum Chow” Drinking 
2. “Sik Yin” Smoking (previously Opium)
3. “Toh Chin” Gambling (many big & small Mahjong places in HK) 
4. “Kiu Kai” Prostitution

Don’t be naive. Isn’t modern day, shoes-licking of Bosses/Clients, office and business seduction, Sleeping Partners in Politics, and Sugarbabes are various “version” of prostitution – if you really think about it?

The Chinese mastered the Art & Business Of The World’s Oldest Profession.

The 4 Vices are a critical part of the Eco-System and Human Society in Its numerous forms and reincarnations.

For over 4,000 years, the Chinese know how to run an efficient society with the Four Vices.

Imperial China practically invented Bureaucracy through the unique Eunuch Mandarins, and the Concubine system
of The Forbidden City.

The 5th Vice is Triads, Secret Societies, Mafia & Gangsterism
Hong Kong Triads have gone into mainstream businesses like Hong Kong film industry.

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Published: 19th May 2019.
Updated: 20th July 2019.