On 11th March 2018, I had a deep hour-long conversation with Marco Ma, the owner and masterchef of Hong Kong Food Culture at Plaza Low Yat, Kuala Lumpur.

My Cantonese is rather shallow to understand deeper philosophical Cantonese words, and Marco’s English is fair. I hope I interpreted the conversation well.


RC Head & Shoulder

Robert’s “Buddha’s Ears” (photo credit: The Whisperer at the Guinness Anchor Bhd Keynote Speech at GAB Annual Sales Conference Malaysia – 400+ pax)


The first thing he noticed was my ears. He called them “Buddha’s Ears“.

He said it’s rare to have Buddha’s Ears, and advised me not to waste my talent, and ability to catch wisdom and truth easily. He said his still growing longer as he ages. 

I myself noticed my mother’s ears have lengthened significantly in the last year. 

He said we are born with 2 major human traits. 
One is selfishness.

The other is greed (chasing for material things or intangibles like power, pride). 
And if one doesn’t handle these 2 traits, one remains in a very low spiritual level – influenced by dark forces.

He thinks we should be kind to others, and not hurt anyone.

He gave his personal example about thinking, helping, and benefiting others compared to being too smart in benefiting oneself. He recently hired 5 Bangladeshi kitchen staff. One was bad in behavior and attitude. The foreign labor agent advised to replace him.

When Marco found out that the Bangladeshi would lose his MYR16,000 deposit, he felt it’s not right to fire him. The agent commented that this individual may likely be a bad influence and spoil the other 4 workers. Marco’s approach was to train this problem worker as a way of benefiting others, not for himself.

He shared one incredible spiritual experience when he was in the presence of a very high level of spirituality which only 3 out of more than 10 people present.

I mentioned I was in the Brahma Kumaris cult for 10 years where the founder claimed to be God who comes in another human body. He advised anyone to leave immediately any religion or cult group who claims that God comes in a particular human. He said my time with the cult was a bad period. Nothing new here.

He believes most things are predestined because of past Karma.

We talked many things that day. One of them is the 4 Vices we can not and should remove the 4 vices.

1. “Yum Chow” Drinking
2. “Sik Yin” Smoking (previously Opium)
3. “Toh Chin” Gambling (many big & small Mahjong places in HK)
4. “Kiu Kai” Prostitution


The 4 Vices & Weaknesses Of Chinese Societies – “accepted” as a “Necessary Evil” around the world. It’s better to legalize it.


Towards the end of the conversation, he suddenly felt a message from the Universe that I will meet another life partner or companion.

Marco seems to know many secret things about people but he is not sharing or revealing to me as it is not his role.

Published: 19th May 2019.

Robert’s Buddha Ears and Wisdom