8 Reasons Why Robert’s Administrative Back Office is in Kuala Lumpur since 2006

1. Kuala Lumpur’s Strategic Location: Close to Malaysia’s Silicon Valley, Cyberjaya

2. The cost of doing business and living, office rental, food, and salaries in Kuala Lumpur are generally way much lower than Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Taipei, Tokyo, and Singapore.

3. The air and quality of living in Kuala Lumpur is better than Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong.

4. The food in Kuala Lumpur is vast with the three main cuisines Chinese, Indian, and Malay. There are many authentic Asian cuisines like Thai, Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, Indonesian, Filipino, as well as Arabic, Halal, and Western cuisines

The following reasons apply to the whole of Malaysia in general (not specifically to Kuala Lumpur):

5. Democracy, and a new stable Pakatan Harapan government which has done more for racial equality than the old BN-UMNO government which lost its rule of power in the 14the General Election on 9th May 2018. Prime Minister Mahathir has installed Lim Guan Eng, the first Chinese Minister of Finance in 44 years, the first Christian, Non-Malay Tommy Thomas as Malaysia’s New Attorney-General.

6. Malaysia is constitutionally a secular country although some Muslim Extremist groups like Perkasa and PAS might wrongfully claim Malaysia is an Islamic state.

A totally secular country is the best for citizens, residents, foreigners and people of all religions.

7. A young talent pool who can speak and write in English, Bahasa Malaysia, with many Chinese Malaysians being fluent in Mandarin and other dialects like Cantonese (spoken in Hong Kong), adn Hokkien (spoken in Taiwan). Even Singapore had hired close to half a million Malaysians since Singapore broke away from Malaysia in 1965.

8. The unique blend of “Three Asian Races Meets West” Culture.

The unique blend of “East Meets West” Culture with three Asian races Chinese, Indian, Malay which is unbeatable in synergy, fun, excitement, variety.

Published: 16th May 2019.


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About Robert Chaen

Biodata of Robert Chaen Founder of Robren Mega EMall, Robren Services, ChangeU, CEO-Celebrity Whisperer, Asia’s #1 Change Expert, and the Father of Asian FireWalking ​ Robert Chaen is an International Keynote Speaker, writer, researcher, and change expert.  He is famously known as the "CEO-Celebrity Whisperer”. Through 1-on-1 coaching, CEOs & celebrities whisper their issues and secrets to Robert, and Robert whispers back the best success secrets about business strategies, change tools, office politics & staff issues, and personal branding. He has transformed CEOs and managers in Coca-Cola China, TVB Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong Airport Services, VADS, TM, Public Bank, , 300+ MSC CEOs in S.E. Asia's Silicon Valley, etc. He is the EKing of EMalls, the Founder of Robren Mega EMall, the World’s First Parallel Universe EMall Chian, with 100 City Mega EMalls opening in 2021-2023 (fb.com/MegaEMalls). ​He is widely considered as one of the top  International Platform Keynote Speakers for Resorts World Genting Senior Management Conference (Manila), 7-Eleven HK, Samsung, Coca-Cola China Mini-MBA @Tsing Hua University, Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong Jockey Club. He has interviewed PM Tun Dr Mahathir, Datuk Kamarudin (Chairman of AirAsia), Siti Nurhaliza, and other CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Influencers. He has been widely featured in TVB, AWSJ, CNBC, SCMP, The Star, and Sin Chew. As “The Father of Asian FireWalking”, he coached TVB celebrities (Ekin Cheng Yee-Kin) to walk on 650°C fire; and raised HK$68M in the world’s 1st and only live TV Charity FireWalk (TVB Tung Wah Charity Show). If Robert can coach you to walk on 650⁰C fire, he can inspire you to be the best. Originally based in Hong Kong for 20+ years, he had worked with top Branding/Ad agencies at J Walter Thompson and Leo Burnett, and was a certified FranklinCovey (7 Habits) in USA, and NLP MasterCoach (USA). His warmth is known to soften the most hardened, resistant skeptics.  Due to an ongoing paranormal encounter of the Angelic kind, he has been an Angel Whisperer 25 minutes before his late wife Brenda José crossed over on 23rd December 2013. Since then she has been sending him countless afterlife signs and he has written many articles and an EBook on his whisperings about The Afterlife and beyond from Angel Brenda. Updated: 2nd August 2020.

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