I ❤ my new “Busy In Transit” Mug.

Busy in transit is such an appropriate word for my current transition situation. I’m currently exploring and doing my due diligence of weighing the pros and cons of the many exciting viable options in front of me.

My 5 Short Term Strategic Options are (without any fixed time-frames set):

A)  Front Office Headquarters in Hong Kong-Shenzhen in 2019-2020:
Re-opening my Front Office either in Shenzhen or Sheung Shui, one MTR station from the China border.

I need to consider the pros and cons of Shenzhen and Sheung Shui which are:

Pros of Shenzhen:
Shenzhen is China’s Silicon Valley; Tech talent are naturally attracted to this most happening tech hub of the world; The closest Tier 1 Chinese City to Hong Kong.
Costs of office rental, living expenses, and salaries are much lower than Hong Kong. That’s why a significant number of Hongkongers commute daily to work but living in Shehzhen

Cons of Shenzhen:
Chinese bureaucracy; Chinese Communist Government control; No Facebook, Google, Whatsapp; Chinese government interference and jailing of corporate CEOs; difficulty to move capital in or out of China

10 Reasons for Sheung Shui.jpg


10 Reasons Why Robert Chaen is Thinking of Setting Up His Hong Kong-Shenzhen Ecommerce Platform in Sheung Shui


Pros of Sheung Shui:
One MTR station from the China border and Shenzhen, China’s Silicon Valley; Costs of office rental, living expenses, and salaries are lower than Central, or other Hong Kong Island office e.g. Quarry Bay; Village feel; ease to open and develop business in Hong Kong capital, finance ; ease to move capital internationally; Hong Kong has a strong tech community e.g. RISE Conference is Asia’s biggest tech conference.

Cons of Sheung Shui:
Shenzhen is cheaper to operate; a bit far for most Hongkongers who reside in Hong Kogn Island; not known for tech hub yet.


8 Reasons why KL

8 Reasons Why Robert’s Administrative Back Office is in Kuala Lumpur since 2006

B)  Back Office in Kuala Lumpur since 2006:
Maintaining my Back Office in KL which is operational since 2006.


C)  Two Global Travel E-commerce Startups:
Raising funds, and exploring business partnerships with travel guides, airport launches, etc.


# 1 ChangeU 6 Brands

D)  ChangeU International’s 6 Brands:

Apply as Freelance Consultant/Trainer/ Recuriter/ Networker through our JobStreet ad: https://tinyurl.com/yxf4py7l

6 Top PowerWorkshops.jpg

1) Change University (Learning & Consulting):
Certifying new Cantonese Trainers preferably from Hong Kong for ChangeU’s 6 Signature PowerWorkshops:
DragonCEO, 10 Qualities of Leadership, Go for #1 Mindset, CQ-EQ (change-emotional quotients) Culture Change, 4 Creative Thinking Hats, Papillon-Butterfly Life-Changing Principles.
Certifying new Mandarin Trainers preferably from Malaysia.


0. MoVsha + 3 Categories - cropped

2) MovSha (Networking-Influencers Show-Awards):
1. MovSha Entrepreneur Networking with International Chambers of Commerce i.e. Malaysian Chamber of Commerce (Hong Kong & Macau).
2. MovSha Influencers Show
3. MovSha Business Awards


Wentures logo.jpg

3) Wentures Capital:
Match-making Investors with “Blue Ocean” projects.


1. Robert Chaen Marketing            #RobertReview - jpg

#RobertReview 9 Categories.jpg

4) Robert Chaen Marketing & Reviews:
Marketing Hong Kong Anti Aging Clinic in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.
Reviewing Food & Beverage, retail outlets, products and services.


#5  BorneoHunter.png

5) BorneoHunter (Executive Search):
Hunting for the top 10% talent.
Selecting Headhunters to lead teams to service specific industries.


Purple Youth CSR - 5 Ways NEW.png

6)  Purple Youth Entrepreneurship CSR:
Hunting for talented youths, interns, graduates for entrepreneurial startups


1. AfterLife Channel Logo B&Grey PNG

1. Whisperings Logo + Slogan + com

E)  Afterlife Channel and Whisperings withe Angel Brenda
Writing, speaking, through Podcast, Youtube channels.
Angel Brenda is my Twin Soul and secret weapon to life, success, abundance, love, truth and light.
This is not a business option, but a vital part of my Purpose, Passion, and Values.
If you are not into my Afterlife Channel, you are welcome to my other vlogs and articles.


So you can see I live a full life of purpose, passion, and principles.
I practice what I preach in my DragonCEO and 10 Qualities of Leadership workshops.

If you like to explore possibilities with any or some of my business options, dm me.
Give me some time to respond – as you remember I’m ‘Busy In Transit”…

Written by Whisperer Robert Chaen
CEO of Wentures Capital, ChangeU International, and MovSha.

Published: 16th May 2019.