“You can either search and go to greener pastures, or build your own castle
of principles, purpose, passion and pleasures right where you are.
That’s why I’m building two different castles on both sides –
with a connecting bridge.”
~ Whisperer Robert Chaen

Why I returned to Malaysia the first time in 1981 after my studies in Melbourne:
My brother Tom introduced me to Brahma Kumaris (aka BKs) during my first year in university in Melbourne in 1979. I was convinced that the world would end in 1986, so I decided to devote my life of service to BKs. My brother and I were World’s first two Chinese Brahma Kumaris teachers.

When I met personally met one-on-one Bapdada, the Twin-Soul God-head of BK, Baba as they were known me that “Charity begins at home, and that I should do service in my home country Malaysia.

Two years later I gave up my university studies to establish Brahma Kumaris Malaysia in 1981.

That was the main reason why I returned to Malaysia despite my parents’ advice for me and my siblings to emigrate overseas and not to return for good.

Why I emigrated to Hong Kong in 1987:
In 1987, I was very disillusioned by the politics and racial bias for Indian-bodied teachers in Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation Centres. My sister-in-law who is still a BK invited me to live in Hong Kong as she thought I may like the many Westerners living and working in Hong Kong.

Two years after emigrating to Hong Kong, I left Brahma Kumaris after in service for 10 years in my youth years.

Why I returned to Malaysia the Second Time in 2006:
Towards the end of 2005 I had a strong calling to give back to Malaysia what I learnt in USA, Hong Kong, China, Singapore and India.

Why I’m returning to Hong Kong for the First Time in 2019:
After a total of 20 years of nation-building in Malaysia, I felt I had contributed enough for Malaysia. I wanted a total change and shift in paradigm to align and focus on my new vision and life directions.

I returned back to Hong Kong on 28th April 2019 to claim the HK$4,000 Caring and Sharing Scheme by the Hong Kong government.

This time I felt I really missed Hong Kong and that Hong Kong is where I BELONG.

7 Things I Most Treasure & Love ❤️ – which are all found in Hong Kong:

1. Most people speaking proper Cantonese language (Guangdong-Heung Kong Wah)
2. Unlimited Pork “Chiu Yoke”, Roast Goose and Beef (“Ngau Lam”), Hong Kong Char Chan Tang – compared no pork or bacon in 5-Star hotels in Malaysia.
3. Crowds Of Crazy “Chee Seen” Hong Kongers.
4. Free society, free economy, democracy and rule of law.
5. Meritocracy and equal opportunity ethics.
6. Empowered women & “Leng Lui” who can wear whatever they want, and not made to feel guilty for men’s lustful, horny but hypocritical behaviors.
7 High energy, fast paced, super efficient, smart society.

I feel much happier and way much freer to be myself and express my opinion and professional critique in Hong Kong than in Malaysia about:
* racial discrimination * religious fascism and islamofascism * politics * check and balance on various governments * royalty  * LGBT  * human rights * sexuality
* corruption  * women issues  * child marriages  * sexy attire  * sharia laws
* using the following words: Allah, pig, babi, Piggie cartoon, piggy symbols for Chinese New Year this year (2019), dog, hot dog, alcohol, cross symbol, Jesus Christ
* the hypocrisy of “Halal everything”

I can think, write, debate, and speak in Hong Kong:
* WITHOUT fear or favor.
* without being imprisoned for sedition.
* without being attacked by countless Islamic, Christian trolls who want you dead, or to go to Hell.
* without being attacked for being insensitive to certain extremist religious followers, for ‘insulting’ their religion.

~ written by Whisperer Robert Chaen

Published: 8th May 2019.
Updated: 9th May 2019.


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