On 30th April 2019 around 5:50 pm I visited my late wife and Twin Soul Brenda José’s Ossuary in Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery 歌連臣角天主教聖十字架墳場 in Chaiwan, Hong Kong.


I was stunned to find a tiny Pig Figurine on Brenda’s Ossuary shelf.

I have never seen this before.
I wonder who put it there?

Well, I was born in the Year of the Boar and Brenda was born in the Year of Tiger. It was as if the Pig is guarding and keeping company with Brenda.

Watch YouTube video about this article: https://tinyurl.com/y33nwf6v


This is the exact view from Brenda’s Ossuary. Watch video: https://tinyurl.com/yxkuhjcf

This is the exact view from Brenda’s Ossuary.

Every time I visit Brenda’s, there are always Hong Kong Kites that fly over me. It is Angel Brenda’s  assurance that she is protecting and watching over me. Brenda has Hawk medicine which is Native American symbolism is The Messenger.


This time a Hawk flew and sat on a branch very near me – about 20 m away. Watch video: https://tinyurl.com/y4j6nwdg



Hong Kong Black Kites flying above me at Brenda José’s Ossuary



How to get to Brenda Jos Ossuary:
1. Go to Chaiwan Station (the terminal end of the MTR Island line)
2. Go to EXIT E: Hing Wah Plaza
3. Walk up Lin Shing Road. It’s a hill slope but it’s manageable. Or take a cab there.
4. Go to Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery 歌連臣角天主教聖十字架墳場
You can walk through a small gap by the side of the main gate. You can visit the cemetery at any time.
5. You can get the map from office. Or go right. Walk up to 3D
6. Brenda’s Ossuary Number: 3D/06-61


Watch Video:


Hold your kite. We’ll meet again.

While I was writing about my experience visiting Brenda’s Ossuary, Angel Brenda alerted me to this incredible song and stunningly relevant lyrics to what I’m going through.

Hold Your Kite – Goldfish & Sorana

You tell me don’t go away but it’s my time
I know we’ll meet again when it’s your time

Hold your kite
Stormy weather do you feel high

And if you miss me
Deep in mind
I will always be there
I’ll be watching you
~ Lyrics from Hold Your Kite