Whenever you are feeling you have become a victim, feeling you are in bad luck, in bad Karma, or in a negative situation or mood, always at least transform it into a neutral, if possible transform it into a positive.

Even if you cannot see anything good out of the situation, you are having a sleepless night, you so want to lash out at someone, you hate yourself or you hate what you did or did not do, look the other way and see the good aspects, see the silver lining of every cloud and every dark storm. You’re thinking it seems almost impossible and too tough.

Your being a victim, feeling negative, miserable, desperate, bitter, revengeful, unforgiving or reactive will inevitably hurt yourself more than the other party, and it is shutting doors and options.

The Law of Attraction
Negative attracts even more negative
– more darkness, hate, lies and falsehood, and more people to hurt, manipulate, or cheat you.

Being neutral allows you to be calm and make clearer decisions.

Neutral attracts more choices and better decisions.

Being positive allows you to be proactive to turn the negative situation, crisis, loss, or an exorbitant lesson of say $10,000 into a priceless $10,000 life lesson, good Karma, and opening new doors of opportunity, greatness and mastery.

Positive attracts more positive
– more light, love and truth, and more positive people to help, empathize or empower you.

You always have a free choice in how you respond to any situation especially the negative ones.

That free choice, decision, or positive attitude makes the biggest difference in your being a success, a Yoda, a role model and an inspiration for others.

Stay calm, be at least neutral, or better still be positive.

Always remind yourself: I AM what I think and how I respond and act.

I AM NOT my own Devil, Satan, Hitler, Tyrant, faulty Father, or whatever logical fallacies and excuses you use to justify your bad habits or negative behaviors, or even using God’s Name and calling God’s Will to justify your evil ways and deeds.

Your biggest deception, lies or cheating are YOU and you deceiving, lying, and cheating your own self.

I AM my own Angel, Goddess, Buddha, Christ, Kwan Yin, Yoda, Mother, Muse, SuperHero or whoever inspires you deeply.

Be the bigger and better man, woman, or kid.

Be generous, abundant, giving – a giver in life not a taker in life.

Be leaf.

Fall from your high horse and be free.
Let go of hate, anger, jealousy, greed, lust, pride, addictions, attachments, laziness, getting rich quick, impulsive behaviors, and rushing to do or buy things.

Letting go can be much harder than clinging on to perceived security, lost love, righteousness, pride, power, or control.

May the POSITIVE be with you
– when you avoid killing spoilers of Avengers’ #EndGame (sorry, this can be not a relevant point, or a relevant point if you see it negatively haha), or other things and pet peeves that piss you off.

~ Whisperer Robert Chaen


Side Story:
Last night I had a bad experience.

As a Professional Critic, Writer, Movsha Influencer Show Host, and #RobertReview Vlogger, I had invited a friend of a friend to share his juicy bad experiences about an outlet. He texted that buying him beers will do in exchange for his information.

I decided not to meet in a pub (it’s too noisy) or a street restaurant (too warm), but to meet in a hotel cafe at 7:00pm.

I was there earlier and he was early. He immediately stated upfront and confirmed that I would be treating him some beers. Of course I said yes as agreed earlier. He ordered a glass of Heineken. Within a few minutes he made it very obvious he was hungry and it was dinner time, and waited for my response.

I paused… it was not the informal deal I’d bargained for. He praised my reputation as CEO-Celebrity Whisperer and top coach. I instantly saw through that he knew how to butter anyone.

Reluctantly I offered him to order dinner at the hotel coffee shop. He counter-offered to go the street food outlet 20m away. His first beer and my cappuccino had been served already. So I said no we’ll stay.

He doubly asked if I’m ok then he will not be overly polite and he would go ahead to order his dinner. Instead of immediately expressing the truth and saying something like hey I’m ok with one or two beers, but we’ll go Dutch if you don’t mind i.e. each one pay for his dinner – I said go ahead and bit my lips.

I quickly checked. Horror of horrors, I had only had RM70 (US$17.50) cash in my trousers! I forgot to bring my wallet in the rush to go to this meeting nearby. I knew I was in potential trouble. But I thought if I did not order dinner but just one cappuccino for myself I may just be lucky to have enough to pay.

But no. He ordered a sumptuous lamb and beef meatballs spaghetti and a side dish of streaky bacon. Before finishing his first glass of beer, he called the waiter to order his second beer. I felt my generosity was abused.

I got 3 potentially good leads to write my story, but all the time I was thinking how to stop him from ordering more food or beer. I hinted I needed to go soon. He asked me to wait until he finished his dinner and second beer.

The moment the bill came, he got up to leave.
The bill was RM115.50 (US$28.90) – I was short of RM45 cash!
I could be washing dishes that night I thought.

No! Let me called two neighbors. No one answered for an excruciating 45 minutes. Then one came to the rescue, he was eating in our favorite street outlet 30m away.

I had no appetite for dinner even when I was offered to share his meal. The whole night I was so pissed off with the situation, the invited guest, and myself. The more I thought the more angry I became. I had a horrible, guilty, feeling stupid, angry, sleepless night. I just could not shake off and get out of my super negative thinking.

Then around 6:15 am, inspiration, my guardian angel, and my #Whisperings writing came resulting in this article.

I had transformed a US$28 negative bad lesson into a priceless, positive US$28 life lesson and opportunity to made the world a little better with my whisperings.  Go Avengers! No spoilers!

Broken Heart into Art

Published: 25th April 2019 (a day after Avengers Endgame Premier)