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One Side : The ‘Perfect’ Stepford Human Potential Couple
Vishen tried to explain away his divorce in very positive terms such as ‘un-coupling’ process but many fans are not buying the BS. It’s a repeat of Tony Robbins marriage failure and many other motivational human potential gurus’ divorces. There is obviously something else Vishen is not disclosing – whatever it is.

Vishen just need to own up the truth (and walk the talk), and not sugar-coat the truth.
No one is expecting a perfect marriage from Vishen or any human being, but they expect some honesty and authenticity about the truth.

Bigger Shithole.jpg

“The more one draw attention to defend publicly the propaganda facts, the more one dig a deeper, bigger shithole.”
~ Whisperer Robert Chaen


The Other Side of The Coin of Truth:

Marriage is not easy, it’s very tough. My parents had a 65-year marriage (it ended when my father passed away in 2015) but it’s extremely rare.

About Judgment vs. Acceptance
It is so easy to judge someone else but yourself. Why?
Because you are guilty of what you judge yourself to some degree; if not you will not be able to ‘see’ or judge it.

Judgment is... god's role

“Judgment is supposed to be god’s role but human beings can’t resist judging and playing god’s role.”
~ Whisperer Robert Chaen


Marriage is not so easy.
“Whoever is sinless, cast the first stone.”
“Whoever is perfect in marriage, cast the first stone.”

If you have cheated, lusted and fantasized in your mind over other people, – then you are not perfect in marriage.
Actually it is absolutely impossible to only love your spouse without any straying thoughts – even for the most religious, pious, spiritual person or celibate monk.

“Love is…
Not BS-ing, but walking your talk.”
~ Whisperer Robert Chaen


Credit to Vishen Lakhiani
Having said all that and holding Vishen accountable to walk the talk, we want to give credit when it is due.

His 2-part Nestle video had gone to boldly expose Nestle’s misleading advertising practices:

Nestlé Conspiracy Part 1: Milo misleading advertisment?

And Vishen has done well to advocate personal growth with his Mind Valley learning programs. Although their salespersons are very pushy in hard selling customers to sign up their expensive MasterClasses. Mind Valley hire very beautiful and sexy women and young handsome men to direct sell their programs.

Two Mind Valley salesmen had even gate-crash my small birthday party with my buddy Craig Santy (Hollywood Producer of Resident Evil and Looper) and 4 others in The Roof, First Avenue, Bandar Utama. They hung around mingling with all my guests uninvited for more than 20 minutes. It became so irritating that I had to ask them to leave us alone.


Tell the Truth, nobody can argue withe the truth and you

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Published: 9th April 2019.
Updated: 1st March 2020.

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