“All religious laws and holy books are man-made for controlling, punishing, and policing followers.”

Look at the Sinner in the Mirror, Holy Man

Don’t proclaim God’s will and use God’s name for your own sins, murder and man-made religious laws 

It’s not just that Islamic Sharia law and other religious laws were originally man-made, barbaric, policing and life-controlling, but that it does not apply to the hypocritical sultans, kings, elites, rapists, pedophiles, tyrannical rulers, corrupted politicians, preachers, and religion-supremacy males who ruthlessly torture, stone, beat or punish their followers, women, and non-believers, but spend their private time partying, in abuse, sex, violence, corruption, decadence and sin.

Published: 7th April 2019.

Robert Chaen is an international cult and scam expert. He has exposed and criticized a few well known religious organizations such as Brahma Kumaris, and islamofascist-political groups, Large Group Awareness Training such as AsiaWorks (a breakaway group from Life Dynamics Hong Kong), Landmark, Lifespring, and MLM-cults.


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