Hi my readers and viewers.
I’m in love. I love others.

Firstly, I love and accept myself – “Charity begins at home”.
Self Acceptance is 1 of 6 Pillars of Self-Esteem.

“If you are in love with yourself, then you are narcissistic.”
~ Robert Chaen
And I’m not in love with myself.

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Secondly, I love my passion, aspiration, purpose in life, and life-changing principles which I will discover, re-discover, unravel, refine, decipher Afterlife secrets from my Guardian Angels together with my readers and viewers in the remaining years of my life journey (“Storge” – acceptance, affection; and “Agape” and “Philos” too).

ALEX Proof & Secrets of The Afterlife with The Love Angel Brenda by Whisperer Robert Chaen.png

Thirdly, I’m in love with Angel Brenda, my Twin Soul, and my late wife
(“Agape” – charity, unconditional love as my Angelic Muse;
it was “Eros” – romantic before Brenda crossover to the Afterlife).

Fourthly, I love my family, my Mum, siblings, God children, buddies, confidantes, relatives, friends, office muses, colleagues, business associates, graduates, and you – my readers and viewers (“Philos” – brotherly love, friendship, camaraderie).

Fifthly, I’m inspired by my two current Muses in my life. 
One is Italian, the other is Taiwanese-Malaysian.

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Federica Rossi, the beautiful Italian Yoga Teacher, was the first person I dated 4½ after Brenda crossed over. She inspires me especially in my love and relationship articles and my current on-going love novel-movie which includes scenes in Milan and Ibiza where she conducts yoga classes.

The other Muse is my young confidante.
But they are not my girl friends or lovers as they both have their boy friends.
And I do love them – dearly.

Sixthly, I’m looking for a new life partner and companion (“Eros” – romantic).

It’s so good to feel UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

It’s so good to feel self-love and love from some supportive confidante this week
– instead of my recent months focusing on fighting for things I’m passionate about, speaking out against falsehood, corruption, race and religious hypocrisy, debating with some reasonable minded trolls in my controversial YouTube topics like MH370, Religious Cults and Large Group Awareness Training (LGAT), Angels, and the Afterlife.

DONE alpha.jpg

“Strong people and powerful, alpha leaders exude a misconception that they do not need help or encouragement. But they do!” 
~ Robert Chaen

It can get pretty “lonely” in the ‘giving’ role: my activist writings, videos, audio recordings, and activities as the work can be energy draining, . But the work is meaningful, rewarding, and fulfilling even if only one or two people are influenced.

So it is refreshing to simply ‘accept and receive’ from others, spiritual places, and Angels for once.

First of all, on Monday (25th March 2019) I took some of my company ChangeU Team and a guest to Batu Caves Tour, Kuala Lumpur’s top tourist attraction. I climbed 272 steps and more but it felt so fulfilling to feel the spiritual energies of Batu Caves, the most famous Hindu temple in Malaysia.

Then on Tuesday early morning, I wrote a ‘letter’ (long text) to a confidante expressing my true hidden feelings. I finally revealed the truth of my love for her which I have been keeping secret for the last four years. I first wrote it spontaneously in bed in my Iphone Notes for around one hour. I had amazing clarity in articulating the truth and what I wanted to say.

I was determined to send it before I was interrupted to see a guest off. I was in euphoria for most of the day that I finally wrote and spoke the truth after so long being bottled up in my psyche.

My heart overrules my head. Yes!

Then I scared myself silly as always when my Inner Critic (The Devil Inside) freaked me out, made me regret writing the truth earlier, imagined the worst self doubt scenarios possible.

I was a total nervous wreak the whole next day until I received a response from the confidante who said she was not yet ready to process the deep spiritual stuff and what I wrote. But she was chill, good with me, and our confidante relationship continues to go with the flow – to support and encourage each other. She is one of my two current Muses along with my Angelic Muse, Angel Brenda.

I believe. I believe. I believe in truth, love, and light. I trust
I trust my guardian angels especially Angel Brenda, my Twin Soul.



Robert Chaen’s Best Compilation on Romance, the Difference between Men & Women in Love, Crush & Lust

Based on a psychological study, a crush only lasts for a maximum of four months.

If it exceeds then you are already in love.

“Love goes on when lust is gone.”

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Published: 31st March 2019.
Updated: 27th May 2019.


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