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Katy Yelland and Host Robert Chaen, MoVsha Influencers Show

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1 in 100 people have OCD.
It takes an average of 14-17 years before someone gets diagnosed and treated for OCD.
But are you really sure you have OCD?
Guest: Katy Yelland (UK); https://monkeyminds.blog/
MoVsha Influencers Show Host: Whisperer Robert Chaen http://www.RobertChaen.com
Subjects covered in this video:
• Understanding OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).
• Myths about OCD (you may not have OCD, for example you may just be fixated on cleanliness, objects lined properly)
• OCD must have both 1) Obsession (based on intrusive thoughts of perceived fear, intense anxiety)
2) Compulsion (to get rid of the fear) – just like Bipolar Disorder must have both Depression (if it’s just depression, then it is Unipolar Depression) and Mania (highly agitated state).
• Types of OCD (aka Doubting Disease, Secret Illness)
• Personal OCD experiences of Katy Yelland
• ‘Magical thinking * Fear of one’s own thoughts
What can you do: * Medication (SSRL) * Psychotherapy (CBT, ERP)
• Where you can get help?
• Helpline Websites: http://www.iocdf.org (International OCD Foundation, USA)
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Published: 24th March 2019.

Are you sure you have OCD?
With Katy Yelland and Host Robert Chaen, MoVsha Influencers Show