I should know – I married and lived with a Super Alpha Female for 18 years – an Aries born in the Year of the Tiger (Chinese Zodiac) – Brenda José. I had the privilege to experience her Incredible Hulk raging temper behind the scenes but she always appeared to be super cool, calm and professional with others, CEOs, aggressive graduates, and in the face of hostility and crises.

It takes a Alpha Male to tame and calm an Alpha Female because any weaker man would be eaten alive and would run like hell at the tiniest hint or sign of temper, thunderous silent treatment, or the dagger Tiger Eye Stares.

If outsiders actually saw our legendary 7-8 hour private fights, they would mistakenly evaluate that the relationship would not last another day.

But against all odds the roller coaster, hot-cold, passive-aggressive relationship and Twin Souls love did last through all the ups and downs times including our cooling off separation periods.

50.1. Co-Coach

Brenda’s last public corporate appearance at her farewell party on 28th January 2013. Brenda and Robert were Business Partners and Co-Coaches in ChangeU International, Asia’s top change experts.




Published:  23rd February 2019.