UK: Don’t like our VAT 20%? You can leave UK and go to Malaysia. Their GST of 6% had been removed since June 2018.

US: You want free healthcare? You can leave USA and go to Malaysia. It’s almost free there!

Hong Kong: Cannot afford a house? Why live in a 150 sq ft pigeon hole (“pak kap lung”)? You can leave Hong Kong and go to Malaysia. Almost everyone above 35 years old own houses there!

Saudi Arabia: Sick of eating Shish kebab everyday? Leave the Middle East and have unlimited variety of halal food and Mamak food (Indian Muslim) in Malaysia. You can shop freely, swim in public, and you are safe from terrorists. 

Philippines: You want a car? Leave Philippines and go to Malaysia. Every household owns more than a car there!

Sweden: You complain about high cost of living? Migrate to Malaysia, they have one of the lowest cost of living around.

Canada: Petrol price too expensive? Leave Canada and go to Malaysia. Their petrol is even cheaper than Coca Cola!

China: Want to secure a place in high school? Who wants to go back to their ancestry home China? Leave China and go Malaysia. They have lots of Chinese schools for you and everyone is secured of a place.

Japan: Want to enjoy life while working – without earthquakes? Leave Japan and go Malaysia. They have lots of Public Holidays, they work only until 5 pm, civil servants work until 4:30 pm, and everyone is on 5-day week. You can go movies, drink Starbucks, eat out cheaply and daily, fly AirAsia and springboard travel to South East Asia and Asia.

They can go movies, drink Starbucks, eat out regularly and always travel .

Australia: Unhappy that shops here close too early? Migrate to Malaysia mate, they have 24/7 eateries everywhere and shopping malls and supermarkets open till 10 pm.

Indonesia: Want a Chinese mayor? Leave Jakarta and go to Penang. The Penang Chief Minister has always been a Chinese, since 1957! The most outstanding Penang Chief Minister is now entrusted to look after the nation’s wealth. He is now Minister of Finance.

Singapore: You want to curse your Prime Minister/ President in FB without getting sued? You want to go to jail and eat cheap curry rice ar. Don’t be stupid and “Kiasu”. Leave Singapore lah and go up north. They can curse their Prime Minister and Ex-PM everyday.

And the list is endless…

See there IS Always a Very POSITIVE SIDE of Malaysia haha
Please no hate comments for once lah.

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*Whatever it is Malaysia is still the best! 👍

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Published: 22 January 2019.