The 9 characteristics was compiled from the International Cultic Studies Association, particularly the article “Characteristics Associated with Cult Groups—Revised” by Dr. Janja Lalich and Dr. Michael D. Langone (2006); a Wikipedia entry on Robert Jay Lifton; and “Common Characteristics of How the Cults Operate” (2009) on the Let Us Reason Ministries website.

Let us examine Why Brahma Kumaris Fit ALL 9 Characteristics of a Cult:

1. One charismatic leader is the group’s sole authority on truth; only this leader decides, or has the right to approve, all policies and practices.

Shiva Baba is the Supreme Soul, the sole authority of godly knowledge (Gyan). Shiva Baba has given ultra-strict Maryadas for BKs to follow.

2. Members are zealous, protective, and unquestioningly committed to the leader.

There are 825,00 regular BK students who are zealous and are highly protective in social media. BK trolls regularly attack in our YouTube comments.

3. Members regard the leader’s beliefs and practices as truth and law; the leader affirms and enforces this idea.

BKs have blind faith that Shiva Baba is the truth and obey the laws (Shrimat).

4. Questioning, doubt, and dissent are discouraged or punished.
In Murlis, Shiva Baba threaten if BKs leave Gyan (become apostate) they will loose all inheritance of Shiva Baba’s Golden Age status.

5. The group’s leadership dictates how members should think, act, and feel. Members require the leader’s permission to change jobs, date, marry, or have children. The leader tells members where they can live and how to teach and discipline their children.

BKs are given strict Shrimat (godly instructions) to not only be strict vegetarian but BKs are not allowed to eat food cooked by IMPURE non-BKs including mothers (unless the mothers are very old and no longer have sex).

Shiva Baba gives Doomsday Shrimat to renounce their lokik (physical) families, to be karmateet (free from karma) because “the end of the world is coming very soon”.

Shiva Baba’s daily Murli classes is the most effective brainwashing cult tool to punish BKs to unquestioningly commit to Shiva Baba/ Bapdada.

BKs require the Centre-In-Charge or Regional Director’s permission to change jobs, studies, and most major decisions. BK teachers will not allow BKs to have new children to be born.

Shiva Baba brainwashes BK couples that they are no longer husband and wife but brother and sister – effectively destroying their marriage vows as a couple.
Brahma Kumaris has stopped countless new babies from being born because of Doomsday beliefs. Young BK couples are strongly advised to sleep in different bedrooms.

6. The group uses public humiliation or punishment, debilitating work, sleep deprivation, or other practices to create group-think and to suppress individualism and doubt.

Cult Isolation:
Through BK’s ultra-strict discipline, waking up for 4:00 am Amrit Vela meditation, daily Murli classes, doing service part-time, evenings and weekends, having only less than 6 hours sleep or sleeping very early, Brahma Kumaris have practically NO life outside BK life.

Slowly BK Centre-in-Charges will isolate the BK students to detach and renounce their physical families and friends and make the BK family their only family. But often times BKs will not help a BK with financial problems – they will always direct them back to their real families convincing them that it is their own ‘lokik karmic bondages’.

7. Criticism or jokes about the leader or group are taken very seriously and likely punished.

Senior BKs will silence and ostracize non-confirmists, punish them, or they will be given less important status and roles.

8. The group is elitist, claiming special status for itself, its leaders, and its members.

Shiva Baba praises Brahma Kumaris as the true ‘Brahmins’, the highest caste in the Golden Age.

Note: the later the soul first come down from Soul World in the 5,000 year Cycle the less ‘pure’ and less status the soul. This also applies to all religions, the later the religion begins the less ‘pure’ the religion.

9. The leader and members maintain theirs is the only path to truth and salvation.

Only Brahma Kumaris will be perfect Deities in Golden Age India (Heaven on Earth). All Non-BKs will be born after Silver Age when it is ‘Hell on Earth’.

Written by:
Whisperer Robert Chaen
International Cult Expert
World’s Second Chinese BK, Co-Founder of Brahma Kumaris Malaysia, Ex-BK (1979-1989)

Published: 30th December 2018.
Updated: 21st April 2019.




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