This is an open letter resent and written on behalf of your family, loved one, spouse, relative, colleague, associate, college mate, your best friend, or someone who is genuinely concerned about you and how Brahma Kumaris has isolated you from them.

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Dear Brahma Kumaris/ BK student/ BK teacher,

Your family and friends do not know how to talk to you.
All I know is your family and friends LOVE YOU.
Your family misses you.
They care so much about you. That’s why they don’t want you to be hurt, manipulated, or let you waste your life away.
Always remember BLOOD is thicker than water.
This letter may have been translated from English.

Firstly, you likely do not know who I am.
I was like you a BK – a super pakar (strong) BK who secretly believed I had an excellent chance to be in the Top 50 in the Highest 108 Rosary.

You see, I was the World’s Second Chinese BK to join Brahma Kumaris in 1979.
I was introduced to BKWSU by my brother Tom Chen in Melbourne whose ex-wife is Sister Maureen Chen. I co-founded Brahma Kumaris Malaysia with Tom in 1981. You can read about my #BKMeToo Testimonial and Why I Joined & Left Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation Cult.

I feel responsible that I brought many people to accept BK, and personally trained many powerful “pakar” BK Teachers (strong in strict discipline) who spread what I now call the BK Cult Cancer around the world. I want to make it right, and share my #MeToo BK experience with those I brought to Shiva Baba, the god of Brahma Kumaris.

Secondly, I’m not questioning the VALIDITY of your many wonderful personal experiences with Shiva Baba, Bapdada, Dadis, Madhuban, retreats, personal efforts and service, and with many wonderful BKs.

I myself had wonderful experiences doing ‘Godly service’, deep experiences with Bapdada, and many powerful, personal 1-on-1 Avyakt Bapdada messages in my 10 annual Madhuban pilgrimages. I’ve met many good, rational BKs myself.

What I’m questioning is Shiva Baba’s ‘hidden’ false promise of Golden Age and ‘perfect’ Deity Race, the ultra-strict weird Maryada ideology of making husband and wife into ‘brother and sister’ – thereby killing countless marriages.

And worse of all, the Cover-Up of countless marriage failures, university studies stopped, career ambition abandoned, and BKs deceived to surrender their assets, property, and money donations to the Yagya (sacrificial fire or BK institution) as every year Bapdada and Dadis deceive BKs that “the world will end soon” (all doomsday cults have always been proven 100% wrong), and finally masquerading as an United Nations NGO facade.

Similarly, I’m not questioning the validity of many wonderful doctors, lawyers, professionals, and celebrities who had wonderful personal experiences with Hitler and Nazism.

What I’m questioning is Hitler’s ‘hidden’ evil ideology, and superior Aryan Race practice of Holocaust – thereby killing countless millions.

Let me share with you how my mother desperately knelt in front of Didi Dr. Nirmala to give back her two sons.
Let me share with you how brother Tom’s marriage were ruined by separating Tom & Maureen in 2 different countries.
Let me share with you how I gave up my university studies to start BK Centres in Malaysia because I believed foolishly Shiva Baba’s prediction that the world will end in 1986 (and every year BK Dadis and BK Teachers will say the world will end very soon).

After 10 years in gyan, I walked away from a very high ‘status’ as the World’s Second Chinese BK. I never looked back as my life is now free and infinitely better. So can you.

Let me explain further.

Many BKs like yourself do not really realize Brahma Kumaris has ALL 9 Characteristics of a Cult.

Three Reasons Why Brahma Kumaris is 100% a CULT:

1. Brahma Kumaris is the ONLY path to truth, salvation, and Heaven on Earth.
Only Brahma Kumaris will be perfect Deities in Golden Age India (Heaven on Earth). All Non-BKs will be born after Silver Age when it is ‘Hell on Earth’.

2. Dadis, BK Senior Sisters and Raja Yoga Centre Leadership mind control every aspect of BK livingMaryadas (daily principles) are given on how BKs should think, act, and feel.

BKs are given strict Shrimat (godly instructions) not only to be strict vegetarian but BKs are not allowed to eat food cooked by IMPURE non-BKs including mothers (unless the mothers are very old and no longer have sex).

Shiva Baba gives Doomsday Shrimat to renounce their lokik (physical) families, to be karmateet (free from karma) – because “the end of the world is coming very soon”.

Shiva Baba’s daily Murli classes is the most effective brainwashing cult tool to punish BKs to unquestioningly commit to Shiva Baba/ Bapdada teachings.

BKs require the Centre-In-Charge or Regional Director’s permission to change jobs, studies, and most major decisions. BK teachers will not allow BKs to have new children to be born.

Shiva Baba brainwashes BK couples that they are no longer husband and wife but brother and sister – effectively destroying their marriage vows as a couple.
Brahma Kumaris has stopped countless new babies from being born because of Doomsday beliefs. Young BK couples are strongly advised to sleep in different bedrooms.

3. Cult Isolation
Through BK’s ultra-strict discipline, waking up for 4:00 am Amrit Vela meditation, daily Murli classes, doing service part-time, evenings and weekends, having only less than 6 hours sleep or sleeping very early, Brahma Kumaris have practically NO life outside BK life.

Slowly BK Centre-in-Charges will isolate the BK students to detach and renounce their physical families and friends and make the BK family their only family. But often times BKs will not help a BK with financial problems – they will always direct them back to their real families convincing them that it is their own ‘lokik karmic bondages’.

Read 9 Characteristics Why Brahma Kumaris is a Cult:

I encourage you to consider only 3 things about Brahma Kumaris and BK ideology:

1.  Brahma Kumaris’ Repeating 5,000-year Cycle and Identical Earth History is impossible and weird.

A very simple irrefutable proof.
99.9% of what you see in the night sky is more than 5,000 years in the past. 
For example the moon is 1.3 light seconds away.
Our closest spiral galaxy is Andromeda – it is 2.2 million light years away from us.

How is it possible that ALL traces of Iron Age such as internet, flag on the Moon, and all capital cities will be 100% destroyed only to rebuilt again identically and exactly the same EVERY 5,000 years. Imagine reading this article every 5,000 years, 5,000 years ago, and 5,000 years in the future – identically.

How is it possible that there are NO traces of Golden Age such Lakshmi & Narayan palace ruins (deity temples are not proof), the most perfect Golden Age and Viman (flying machines) technologies (which was supposed to be way more advanced than the Iron-Age Internet Age technologies), vegetarian lion fossils, and no recorded written history of perfect humans from 5,000 years ago?


2. Shiva Baba’s Golden Age is impossible and delusional.

There is ZERO historical evidence that there was Shiva Baba’s PERFECT Human Race and perfect living beings living in a PERFECT Earth i.e. no sickness, no suffering, no sex, no carnivorous animals, no wars, and no natural disasters.
How and when in Earth’s history was perfection ever possible?

Earth and India were never ever perfect in history.
It is impossible for Earth, India and human beings to be perfect on Earth.

There is no such thing as ‘Heaven on Earth’.
Earth was never perfect.
Earth will never ever be perfect in the future.

China was ruled for 4,000 years by imperial dynasties
Ancient Egypt historical records started 5,168 years ago – when Shiva Baba claimed his perfect Golden Age happened ONLY in his promise-land India 5,000 years ago.

Chinese and Egyptian recorded histories disprove Shiva Baba’s false claim that ONLY Brahma Kumaris will rule the Golden & Silver Ages (circa 2,964 BC to 464 BC) when India was 100% perfect for a 2,500 year period.

There were countless solid archaeological evidence of IMPERFECT ancient Egyptian, Indus Valley, Babylon, Chinese and all ancient civilizations in famous museums – but NO PERFECT Ancient Deity civilization archaeological proof in India, how come?

It is absolutely impossible that India (Bharat) can ‘suddenly’ change from imperfect to perfect, and perfect to imperfect every 2,500 years.

Evolution never allows perfection – evolution allows adaptation and survival of the fittest.

It is extremely dangerous that Hitler (Aryan Race Supremacy) and Shiva Baba (Ancient PERFECT Deity Race Supremacy) advocate similar Superior Race Ideologies.

The biggest shocking difference is Shiva Baba 100% believes in a PERFECT RACE whereas Hitler logically didn’t. Nazism and Brahma Kumaris are Superior Race Cults which has absolutely no place in this modern world.

“The universe doesn’t allow perfection.”
~ Stephen Hawking


3. Your family, friends or spouse love you.

Your family and friends do not know how to talk to you as you most likely have been totally brainwashed and shut your family out. You are not hearing your family because you are blinded. Listen to your family cries, suffering, and pleads.

Your family and friends LOVE YOU.

Deep down in you, you know the above 3 pointers are true.
So let your heart open and be free again.

Be leaf.
Fall and be free.

If after you genuinely talked with your family and friends about BKs, and you still believe in Shiva Baba, then your family, friends and I wish you well as you have a human right to whatever belief and faith you want.

Otherwise, please don’t WASTE your life, surrendering your time, service, assets, and money anymore – because latest by 2036 (the end of Shiva Baba’s 100-year Confluence Age), all BKs will realize that the world did not end, and it’s KARMA game over when Shiva Baba/Bapdada’s last chariot dies much sooner than 2036.

Wake up BK.
Allow yourself the
permission to question Brahma Kumaris and Shiva Baba’s teachings.
If you are genuinely open, you cannot but realize the simple TRUTH that Shiva Baba’s promise of Golden Age is impossible and delusional, and Brahma Kumaris is the World’s Biggest Doomsday Cult.

Warmest regards,

Whisperer Robert Chaen
International Cult Expert
World’s Second Chinese BK, Co-Founder of Brahma Kumaris Malaysia, Ex-BK (1979-1989)

NOTE: Robert wrote this open letter on behalf of your family and friends who are suffering, missing you deeply, and feeling helpless and voiceless because most likely you’ve closed your mind due to the daily Murli brainwashing. Return and get support from your own family and friends. They will help you as they love you, and accept you as you are. Blood is thicker than water.

The links in this letter should be able to answer most if not all of your questions.
Robert can no longer personally respond, help, or answer you or your family’s questions as he lives an extremely busy life. He left BKs in 1989. All the best in your endeavors.

Published:  28th December 2018.
Updated: 22th April 2019.

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If you are thinking and questioning Brahma Kumaris ideology, here is Self-Help Guide for Brahma Kumaris:
It has helped many Brahma Kumaris leave BK’s Mind Control Doomsday beliefs, return to families, and help YOU live a normal, productive life like countless of Ex-BKs.

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Tom and Robert featured in Brahma Kumaris Malaysia 25th Anniversary Book (circa 2006) – Page 1


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Page 2




Be Leaf - RC


BKs Can't Explain TeeMessage - Tee only

How is it possible that Earth and India can ‘suddenly’ change from Imperfect (Kali Yuga/ Iron Age) to Perfect (Sat Yuga/ Golden Age) with no sickness, no suffering, no sex, no carnivorous animals, no wars, and no natural disasters; and Perfect into Imperfect every 2,500 years – repeated identically?


Shiva Baba controls every aspect of Brahma Kumaris’ lives. - Copy

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A #MeToo Story of Why Robert Chaen Exposed Brahma Kumaris



Note to Family and Friends of BKs:
You are most welcome to freely copy and paste excerpts or this entire open letter into your email to your BK family member or BK friend. It may open a door for a BK to be free, or at least start a window of opportunity and conversation with you about false BK ideologies.


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