● Angel Brenda sent her FIRST ever Afterlife Sign to her husband Robert Chaen and the World on the night she crossed over.

Brenda’s two Soul Numbers 7 and 11 were Computer-Generated as the FIRST 2 NUMBERS out of 6 numbers in a HKJC Mark Six lottery ticket that Robert bought two hours after she crossed over. Brenda was born on 7th April (number 7) and her total birthday number is 11 (The first master number. A master number are double repeat numbers such as 11, 22 to 99).


Proof of Angel Brenda’s First Afterlife Sign Two Hours after she died: 7 & 11 Mark Six numbers


Since her first Computer-Generated Afterlife Sign, Angel Brenda is now known as “The Angel with The Most Proven Afterlife Signs” as documented by Robert Chaen and Craig Santy, the award-winning Investigative Journalist and Hollywood Producer of Looper and Resident Evil. Read more about #AfterlifeChannel: https://tinyurl.com/y78qxbuf

Next time check your computer-generated lottery numbers to see if there are 7 and 11. If you are one of the ‘lucky’ and rare Souls able to attract Angel Brenda’s Numbers 7 & 11, she obviously have a message and blessing for you.

NOTE: This original video was made three days after Brenda crossed over to the Afterlife.

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Published: 22nd December 2018.


Proof of Angel Brenda’s First Afterlife Sign Two Hours After She Died: 7 & 11 Mark Six Numbers