Translation: “If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.”
“Si Dieu n’existait pas, il faudrait l’inventer.” ~ Voltaire
Simple: If God did not exist, we would have to invent him.
What it means: Voltaire believes in God, but if someone proved God didn’t exist, people would have to invent God.


The Soul and you are born into a religion – depending on what religion your parents have or don’t have.

In reality the Soul is free from religion until the Soul is born into a body and the body either has a religion or not.

A Soul is Born Karmically in a particular:
● body (the total body package: gender, genes, family medical history, body weaknesses, illnesses, mental health, height, weight, body shape, beauty and intelligence – each factor has a huge impact on the Soul’s experience and life’s journey)
● religion (of parents) – the religion at birth may change when the body of the Soul grows older and is allowed to make a choice, or is forced into a choice until the Soul becomes an adult.
● name (perception associated with good or bad names)
● Karmic or life lessons
● time of birth (astrology and numerology)
● parents (can be a single parent)
● family (status, social class, wealth)
● country and cultural beliefs  (superstition, mythology)
● language
(affects one’s thinking process and bias)

When one becomes an adult one will likely be pressured by one’s society, race, or religion to stay in a religion – but one still has a choice and free will should one exercise it – but with obvious consequences. For instance if one converts from Islam to another religion it is punishable by death as apostasy if one is in Saudi Arabia.

Statistically if you are born in Italy today, there is 83.3% chance you will be born into Christian parents. Statistically if you are born in Saudi Arabia today, 85-95% you will be born into Sunni Muslim parents, and 10-15% you will be born into Shia Muslim parents. This is your fate, Karma, and life lessons.

The Soul and your Soul has no religion.
Your body has a religion or none.
Is God exclusive to your religion only, and only you have access to God?

If God has a religion, what would be God’s religion – Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism (one of the oldest and smallest religion) – what?

God and your Soul has no body.
If God has a body, what would be God’s body  – Black, White, Yellow, Brown, female, male, gay, short, thin, poor, sick, ugly – what?

The Soul and your Soul does not have a name.
Your body has a name but not your Soul.
God does not have a name.
As many humans they are and were, that many Gods and God-Names humans have created.
Therefore, humans created God, and not God created humans.

Angels have names because they have an Angelic Body.
Ghosts have names because they have a Ghost Body.
But Angels and Ghost belong to different realms.
And The Holy Ghost is not a real Ghost by definition.
(Read The 7 Dimensions of The Universe; or watch video)

Logically the best way we can know someone or God is for God to introduce God, right?
If God was to introduce God, how would God introduce through – name card, thunder and lightning, inner voice, vision, apparition, burning bush, internet, signs, parting sea – what?
So far, God has not introduced God.
Most religions think God had introduced only to them – really how so?
If God introduced God, would you recognize God?
How would you recognize or know it is God, and you are not deceived by a Fallen Angel like Satan pretending to God.
Many religious cults were and are founded by Fallen Twin Souls or Fallen Angels pretending to be God incarnated.

God, and the Soul does not have a language.
If God has a language, what is the language of God – Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, English, Sanskrit, Tamil, what? Is God multi-lingual?

God introduced God through a Holy Book I hear you say – really?
How do you know a Holy Book is directly spoken from God, and not a human’s interpretation and imagination?
How do you hear, see, smell, taste, feel, and sense God?

God is probably human’s greatest product of imagination.
There are more books, paintings, statues, songs, dancing, acting, paintings, and writings about God by humans than most topics since time immemorial.
Yet humans don’t know who God really is.

Like the story of the Blind Men describing what an Elephant is. There is some truth and falsehood in the blindmens’ descriptions.
Some things religions say are partially true, some things religions say are partially false.
But humans don’t know which part of religion maybe true and which part of religion maybe false.

If God created the universe and humans, who created God?
What came first, the chicken or the egg?

If God is the creator, why did the ‘perfect’ God create an ‘imperfect’ universe and ‘imperfect’ humans – because it’s God’s Will?

God does not have a holy book and God has not written a holy book.
God’s laws, religious laws, and all laws are 
God’s words, Holy Books are human-written.
But that doesn’t mean holy books are no good – just be aware that holy books past and future are written by humans – not God.

If God wrote Holy Books, what did God use to write with – pen and paper, pencil, feather and ink, stone and chisel, keyboard and mouse – what?
God is man-made.

God does not have a body.
No human is and can be God.
God is not human meaning God has no human body.
If God has a body or God is human, God will be controlled by time, space, Earth, and the Universe.

God and the Soul does not have a race. 
The body has a race or in reality a mixed race ancestry.
Many skin colors, but all human races have only one red blood. 
Other living beings on Earth may have five crazy colors of blood.

Race Supremacy and Religious Supremacy are man-made to deceive and control the followers.
Supremacy is not equality.
Supremacy is against racial discrimination.
Hitler’s Superior Aryan Race Ideology massacred 6 million Jews.
Religious Supremacy is now the greatest threat to mankind.

God and the Soul does not have a gender.
The body has gender, transgender, LGBT, bisexual, or heterosexual.



God needs nothing.
God and the Soul does not have any needs or wants.
The body has needs and wants.

Why is God so weak that God needs believers to defend, protect, save, attack or kill in God’s name. Therefore, there is no such thing as blasphemy. Blasphemy – like all religious laws – is a man-made law.

Why does God need a messenger, when God can directly talk to you?
Why does God makes it so impossibly hard to understand God?
Or is it humans who make it impossibly hard to understand God?

Is God is the only God of the entire Universe, or is it humans who made God the God of Earth only?
Is God the same God of Aliens in other galaxies?
Do Aliens believe in God?
Why did God ‘create’ such a gigantic 156 billion light-years wide and 13.7 billion years old Universe – only to let humans believe that only humans can worship the God(s) of Earth? What a waste of time and space – what is the purpose?
Why not ‘create’ our Solar System only and let God watch God’s ‘highest’ creation i.e. humans control and kill each other in the name of God for God’s entertainment (a paragraph of satire).

Since time immemorial God and religion are used by humans and rulers to control and police humans.
Humans force God and religion on other humans.

God is the easiest, most convenient excuse and reason humans use to justify all humans’ actions, corruption, crime, and bad deeds.

Religious fascists and extremists kill in name of God.
All through history, religious believers were and are known to kill in the name of God and for their religion – but the belief is based simply on a belief whether the belief can be proven to be true or not.

If you are praying to God in the battlefield, is God on your side, or is God on your enemy’s side – which?
God is easiest reason to blame for everything good or wrong in the world, every natural or man-made disasters – because “it is God’s Will”.
Actually it is Nature’s ‘Will’, your ‘Will’, but not God’s Will.

If humans are suppose to follow and obey God’s ‘Will’, why give humans ‘Free Will’.

But if it is Evil, it is not God – how come?
The Universe has Yin & Yang principles – light & darkness, masculine & feminine, etc.

Humans have abused God and misused God in God’s name.

Animals do not have animal-made laws except the law of the jungle, survival, the law of physics and subjected to evolution. 
Animals do not have God or religion.
Animals do not worship God.

Animal bodies may have a animal sound name or man-made name given by humans.
Animals have an individual animal cry, tone, sound, smell, sight, feel, and taste.
Some say the difference between humans and animals is consciousness.
Humans know where humans are on Earth and in the Universe.
Human Consciousness also created God and God’s laws.
Humans are actually evolved animals.
But in reality humans are actually animals wearing clothes, and cavemen wearing suits.

We are “created in God’s image”, I hear you say.
So what is God’s ‘image’ – what God’s body, name, religion, race, sex, or language?
Is God’s image an old, bearded, wise, White man, or a young, sexy, enlightened, Black, Goddess woman – which one?
You see, we back to square one.

Simply, the Soul and God does not have a body.
Without a body, the Soul and God does not have a name, religion, race, gender, or language.
When the Soul incarnate into a body, the body then has a name, religion (or none if atheist), race, gender, and language(s). But not the Soul.

The Soul and God is nameless, body-less, sexless, formless, identity-less, and imageless. 

~ written by Robren TwinSouls

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By Robren TwinSouls
Robren is the combined form of Whisperer Robert Chaen and Angel Brenda, his late wife and Twin Soul. This is a TwinSouls Whispering from the Other Side, the 
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Published: 17th December 2018.
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