Six years ago the ancient Mayans predicted that the world will end on 12.12.2012.

The world did not end on 12.12.12 – just like all doomsday predictions.
I don’t believe in doomsday predictions by many religions and doomsday cults such as Brahma Kumaris (predicted on 2036).

Every time when there is a big natural disaster such as the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami and earthquake and the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, doomsday believers will try to scare people that the world will end soon.

But our world will NOT end – until 4 billion years later when our galaxy, the Milky Way collide with Andromeda, our large spiralled neighbor.

Since there was no world destruction on 12.12.12, I mischievously and publicly declared in social media that I was celebrating my ‘first birthday’ in ‘the Dawning of the New Age of Aquarius’, and the first day for the rest of my life on 12.12.12 – with my late wife & Twin Soul Brenda Jose and our friend Anna Yee with a huge delicious durian ‘birthday’ cake. As you read further the dawning of a New Age was not a joke.

My six birthday wishes from six years ago have all come true.

On hindsight, 12.12.12 turned out to be the start of the biggest afterlife catalyst which has since been causing great changes in my own life, my country Malaysia, and the world from then and beyond.

Let me introduce you my Twin Soul, Angel Brenda – the Angel with the Most Afterlife Signs Evidenced.

[Note: Please don’t compare Angel Brenda with the most famous ArchAngels such as Uriel, Gabriel, Raphael, Michael, and Metatron who have touched and healed many people. ArchAngels don’t give afterlife signs, they give ]

JegudielSelaphiel, and Barachiel.

50.1. Co-Coach.JPG

Brenda’s last corporate public appearance at Boulevard Hotel Kuala Lumpur on 16th January 2013. Brenda was Robert’s Co-Coach and business partner in ChangeU for 12 years.

● Little did I know Brenda would suddenly leave Malaysia and return to Hong Kong on 4th February 2013 – less than two months later.

Brenda would cross-over to the Afterlife 1 year and 11 days after 12.12.12 – on 23rd December 2013.



Angel Brenda can control a super-mainframe computer to generate her two Soul Numbers 7 an 11 (she was born 7th April, and her total birthday number is 11) in a Mark Six lottery ticket at her will, – 2 hours after she crossed over.



● Angel Brenda sent first ever Afterlife Sign to me and the world two hours after she crossed over: Brenda’s two Soul Numbers 7 and 11 were computer-generated in a HKJC Mark Six lottery ticket I bought



● Three weeks after Brenda crossed over, my guardian angel Brenda would warn me about my father’s close call to death from an undetected stomach ulcer bleeding which needed nine bags of blood transfusion. The doctor said my father would have died if not for an alert call from an aunt who never called me before. I felt that Angel Brenda made her to call me.


21 Minute Fly Sitting.png

Angel Brenda’s Guinness World Records of the Longest Afterlife Sign: A FLY sat on Robert’s hand for 21 minutes – click irrefutable Afterlife Sign video

● On 18th November 2014, a house fly sat on my right hand for an impossible 21 minutes (watch video, click here). This fly incident happened on the same day my father checked out after spending 19 days in an isolation room in Hong Kong. Doctors said my father had not much time to live. But I was reassured as this was an irrefutable afterlife sign that my father will live longer – 3 months longer to see the coming Chinese New Year.

My father crossed over on the First Day of Chinese New Year at 12:03am (19th February 2015).

● Two and half months after Brenda crossed over, my guardian angel saved my cousin Kelvin from MH370. He swapped with his colleague as 8th March 2014 was his wedding day. Twenty of Kelvin’s company Freescale Semiconductors (now known as NXP Semiconductors) were on MH370 – twelve from Malaysia and eight from China.



Read about

MH370: The Shocking Clue WHERE, WHY and WHAT Happened. Dead pilots tell no tales.


MH17 Afterlife Sign - Plastic Plane Wing - Cropped

● 37 days before MH17 was shot down in Ukrainian on 17th July 2014, Angel Brenda then sent me a psychic premonition in the form of a Plastic Wing afterlife sign.



Angel Brenda’s Third Malaysian Aircrash Afterlife Sign: a few hundred dead insects appeared on Robert’s front garage porch 2 days after MH17 tragedy, a psychic premonition for the Third Malaysian Aircrash (AirAsia QZ8501)

● Two days after MH17 was shot down on 19th July 2014, Angel Brenda sent me the Third Malaysian Airplane Crash in the form of a few hundred dead fly-looking insects right on the front of my garage porch. I knew the third Aircrash will not be Malaysia Airlines but AirAsia. Five months later on 28th December 2014 AirAsia QZ8501 crashed in Indonesian waters.

AirAsia QZ8501 Tail.jpg

● Half a year after Brenda crossed over, Brenda send me my first UiTM Intern Puteri Nabila. As an exchange student leader, Nabila told me how 50 UiTM exchange students were saved by divine intervention after she changed the original MH370 tickets from Beijing to Vietnam. Read about The Untold Story of Robert’s own Intern Puteri Nabila who booked 50 Foreign Exchange UiTM Students but were saved from MH370:



● On 23rd December 2013 during Brenda’s last twenty five minutes on Brenda’s death bed, I surrendered to God and I surrendered to Angel Brenda.

Although Brenda was in a coma, she communicated with me through telepathy. She wouldn’t go until I surrendered and promised Brenda to do what turned out to be our ‘Twin Soul Mission’.

Three minutes after I surrendered, Brenda crossed over at 5:23pm.

I did NOT SEE any of the above coming for me, Malaysia, and the World on 12.12.12.
I was just happily eating my ‘first birthday cake’ with Brenda and Anna – not knowing the world will change forever for me and the world.

2014 was a huge emotional and spiritual roller coaster ride for me personally and Malaysia.

● Throughout 2014 the first year after Brenda crossed over, I was deciphering Angel Brenda Code and fine-tuned connecting the dots and on what our Twin Soul Mission is about.


I have written my first free Afterlife ebook – published here in my website: 

“Afterlife Signs from My Twin Soul Brenda” by Whisperer Robert Chaen


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By Whisperer Robert Chaen, Host of Afterlife Channel


END NOTE:  Deciphering Angel Brenda Code, Preparation of Death, Good and Bad Angels
Robert started to decipher Angel Brenda Code from 23rd December 2013, the day Brenda crossed over. There are many subjects he is still constantly researching, and getting insights from mainly Angel Brenda and other celestial beings. Many spiritual issues such as God, Soul, Karma, Angels, Dimensions of the Universe (i.e. Ghost Realm, Angelic Realm, Purgatory) are very deep and beyond the understanding of most people.

From his limited human understanding and whispering with Angel Brenda, Robert makes his best effort to write down in simple terms his interpretations. He is still “working on it” and constantly fine-tuning and updating as new insights override older interpretations – without warning. Therefore, some of Robert’s first afterlife writings especially in the early years (i.e. 2014) may be obsolete.

If only one person got something out of one of my writing and most people hate, don’t believe or don’t understand what I wrote, I’m GOOD.

Nothing can really prepare someone to face the death of a soulmate, a twin flame, or a Twin Soul. And nothing can prepare someone for an afterlife experience with an angel, a departed guardian angel or a ghost who communicates from the Afterlife.

Just like there are good people and bad people, there are good Angels and bad, evil, fallen Angels, bad Twin Souls and bad Twin Souls, good Ghosts and bad Ghosts. If you ever have a chance to experience an good Angel or a good Ghost, be open, talk to the celestial being, embrace it, learn from it, your life will change forever…


Published: 12th December 2018.
(6 years after 12.12.12.)
13th December 2018.





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By Whisperer Robert Chaen, Host of the Afterlife Channel
Touched by a personal tragedy through the loss of his Hong Kong-born Portuguese wife, co-coach and business partner, Brenda José of 17 years, Robert explores the many ways in which the spirit world is communicating with the living. He ‘whispers‘ with his Twin-Soul, Love Angel Brenda from The Afterlife – the 6th Dimension of the Universe. He researches scientific studies and evidence of afterlife signs. He conducts Youtube interviews and gives inspiring talks on The Proof & Secrets of The Afterlife.

About Angel Brenda, the Angel of Unconditional Love:
Angel Brenda is the irrefutable “Angel of Afterlife Signs” as Angel Brenda currently holds the World’s Record of the MOST afterlife signs documented with time and space and photography-evidenced by her husband and Twin Soul Robert Chaen, and verified by Craig Santy, an award winning Investigative Journalist and Hollywood Producer of Resident Evil and Looper, and The only journalist at the scene of the World Trade Center bombing (worldwide exclusive photos)

Angel Brenda has also guided countless departed Guardian Angel Souls and ghosts to send their Afterlife Signs to their love ones – through the “Crossover Prayer”. You can directly send prayer requests to Angel Brenda.

Whisperer Robert Chaen is the Host of Afterlife Channel, and author of several Afterlife Ebooks.

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