THE MH370 MOTIVE: Captain Zaharie’s heroic mission to Islamic Maldives to free Anwar Ibrahim.

Less than half a day after Anwar Ibrahim was charged for a 5-year sentence, Captain Zaharie decided to hijack MH370, planned to fly to Maldives, one of the very few Islamic island countries in the Indian Ocean (landing in an Indonesian island would be much more complicated compared to Maldives); and bring the world’s attention to free Anwar Ibrahim so that he can run for Prime Minister in the next general election.


HOW did Captain Zaharie’s heroic mission went wrong?

Captain Zaharie either flew to 45,000 feet or simply switched cabin pressurization in order to knock out the Co-pilot and crew who were banging at the cockpit door. But cabin depressurization went much longer than planned which resulted in injuries or even death.

When Captain Zaharie realized his mistake he became extremely despondent and alone. He was so shamed that he no longer felt like a hero to bring the world’s attention to free Anwar Ibrahim. He became emotionally and mentally ‘paralyzed’ and did not land in Maldives as planned.

Instead Captain Zaharie flew aimlessly until the plane ran out of fuel. He gently ditched the plane. Eventually MH370 sank mainly intact in one piece in the Madagascar side of the Indian Ocean where most MH370 debris were found – no MH370 debris was found in the Australian beaches.

Alas, Captain Zaharie did bring the world’s attention to Malaysia as the world’s greatest air crash mystery – but he did not physically see the release of Anwar Ibrahim after getting a full pardon from the King on 16th May 2018 – seven days after the 14th General Election.


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Nearly ALL pilot suicide air crashes happened very quickly within LESS THAN 41 MINUTES AFTER TAKE-OFFWhy did Captain Zaharie bother with the countless complications of flying more than six hours if it was simply suicide.

WHY Did Captain Zaharie Hijack MH370? MOTIVE: Heroic mission to Islamic Maldives to free Anwar Ibrahim


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Published: 3rd December 2018.
Updated: 18th June 2019.

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