#6  If you are not MALAYSIAN, you will probably not understand why so many Malaysians were extremely upset and despondent when the then Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim was ridiculously charged for sodomy for the second time with a 5-year jail sentence on 7th March 2014 – a day before MH370 disappeared.

Like many Malaysians, Captain Zaharie was extremely disappointed when opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim did not win the 13th General Election (GE13) held on 5th May 2013, even after winning the popular vote.

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Captain Zaharie’s home flight simulator

Right after GE13, the Captain Zaharie initially planned to hijack a MH plane to Maldives to bring world’s attention to Malaysia to pressure Najib Razak to resign. It was well documented that his home had home flight simulator where flight simulation to Maldives was logged for nearly ten months in 2013-2014 period.

But the 5-year jail sentence of Anwar Ibrahim news broke the camel’s back.
Within less than one day it triggered Captain Zaharie to hijack MH370, plan to land in Maldives (the only sympathetic Islamic island-country in the Indian Ocean), and bring the world’s dramatic attention to FREE Anwar Ibrahim.


MH370 - WHY

Captain Zaharie Tee Message: DEMOCRACY IS DEAD. 5 MAY 2013. Like many Malaysians, Captain Zaharie was extremely disappointed when opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim did not win the 13th General Election held on 5th May 2013, even after winning the popular vote. Read The Herald article.


Most foreigners and foreign aviation experts miss this vital clue of that Captain Zaharie was a Penang relative and a strong supporter of Anwar Ibrahim. If you miss this point, you’ll miss the MOTIVE behind WHY Captain Zaharie hijacked MH370.

When Robert Chaen was in Malé to train the top management of the Auditor General Office, Maldives in 2016, he sensed and re-confirmed Captain Zaharie’s MH370 hijack plan to fly to Maldives.

Nearly ALL pilot suicide air crashes happened very quickly within LESS THAN 41 MINUTES AFTER TAKE-OFFWhy did Captain Zaharie bother with the countless complications of flying more than six hours if it was simply suicide.


Three Case Studies of Pilot Suicide and their Motives:
Germanwings 9525 Andreas Lubitz deliberately crashed the plane after locking out his Captain on 24th March 2015 – 40 minutes after take-off.

Gameel Al-Batouti deliberately crashed EgyptAir 990 on 31st October 1990 – 32 minutes after take-off.

Captain Tsu suspected to have crashed SilkAir Flight 185 on 19th December 1997 – 35 minutes after take-off.


WHY did Captain Zaharie flew for more than six hours, switched off all transponders within two minutes of his last air traffic control message, made no Mayday distress calls, flew pass his hometown Penang for one last look, and seemingly avoided air traffic control RADAR. WHY?

There is more than enough scientific circumstantial evidence that Captain Zaharie flew MH370 until it ran out of fuel by aviation experts.
BUT so far NO aviation expert or critic has tried to explain the MOTIVE of why Captain Zaharie did it.


MH370 was NOT Pilot SUICIDE, but a HEROIC MISSION went wrong.


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Published:  2nd December 2018.
Updated: 19th June 2019.

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