WHERE: MH370 sank mainly in one piece along MH370 Madagascar Arc (not near Australia). #5

#5  After Captain Zaharie ‘gently’ ditch-landed MH370, it floated for a while before MH370 eventually sank mainly intact in one piece.



MH370 - WHERE (7 Ping Circles & Fuel Level Circle)

As NO MH370 debris were found along Western Australian beaches, this should be a strong clue that MH370 more likely landed on the MADAGASCAR-AFRICAN side of the Indian Ocean. Seven Circles of Satellite Pings (7 white lines) received intersected with Maximum Fuel Level (thin red line). Where MH370 ended (thick red line).  Watch 


MH370 eventually sank mainly intact in one piece.MH370 could be found along MH370 Madagascar Arc as most MH370 debris was found near Madagascar area in Reunion Island, Mauritius, Mozambique and South Africa.

As NO MH370 debris were found along Western Australian beaches, this should be a strong clue that MH370 more likely landed on the AFRICAN side of the Indian Ocean.

MH370 - Why, Where & What Happened





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