WHAT: He depressurized the cabin to knock out the Crew. #1
He had a last look at his hometown Penang #2
He became extremely despondent, #3 and ditch-landed when it ran out of fuel. #4


Watch video on:

MH370 Captain Zaharie dipped plane’s wing over his hometown Penang to take a last look (60 Minutes Australia)

However, there are two BIG differences between the Experts and Robert Chaen: 

1. The WHERE MH370 Ended: 
The Madagascar Side of the Indian Ocean

2. The WHY was MH370 Hijacked:
Captain Zaharie’s heroic mission to Islamic Maldives to free Anwar Ibrahim went wrong


#1  Captain Zaharie had to depressurize the cabin to knock out and stop his Co-Pilot and Crew from deafeningly banging at the cockpit door. The cabin depressurization went much longer than he planned which accidentally injured or even killed some MH370 passengers.

Whether he actually flew to 45,000 feet or simply depressurized the cabin is irrelevant.


#2  MH370 Captain Zaharie dipped plane’s wing over hometown (Penang) to take a last look as mentioned by Captain Zaharie (CBS News 60 Minutes: Published on May 14, 2018). Watch video: https://tinyurl.com/y8mhls2p


#3  Captain Zaharie became extremely despondent when he realized he had seriously injured or even killed some passengers through deliberate cabin depressurization. Captain Zaharie was WILLING to go to jail for hijacking MH370 for his heroic mission to free Anwar Ibrahim, but he was NOT able to face the massive shame of accidentally injuring or killing his passengers.


#4  Whether Captain Zaharie actually flew pass Maldives is irrelevant as he did NOT complete his planned heroic mission. He wanted to fly to the Islamic islands of Maldives Captain Zaharie flew ‘aimlessly’ until MH370 ran out of fuel and ‘gently’ ditch-landed the plane.


MH370 - Why, Where & What Happened



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Published:  29th November 2018.
Updated: 2nd December 2018.
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