Twenty five days after MH370 disappeared, on 2nd April, 2014 , I finally had the courage to ask my Guardian Angel Brenda to ‘connect’ me with Captain Zaharie only, not the crew or passengers. Right from the start my Seventh Sense or telepathy sensed that Captain Zaharie was the one who flew MH370.

I prayed for an  afterlife sign that was easily understood by me.

MH370 Ensign Wasp Afterlife Sign from Angel Brenda

Six days later on 8th April 2014, I received an Ensign Wasp Afterlife Sign video posted by Sun Fu, a new acquaintance whose late wife was born 3 days before Brenda on the same year.

MH370 Ensign Wasp walking over Flaperon

Watch MH370 Ensign Wasp Afterlife Sign video – originally posted by Sun Fu on 8th April 2014, six days after I asked Angel Brenda to connect me with Captain Zaharie (and one day after Brenda’s birthday).

The song that was playing on Sun Fu’s laptop was John Denver’s ‘Leaving on a jet plane‘.

NOTICE:  The verse on the screen when the Ensign Wasp walked across was “Oh Babe, I hate to go”. The other line immediately before this verse was “Don’t know when I’ll be back again“.

The Ensign Wasp walked over the Flaperon on Sun Fu’s laptop screen.
Sixteen months after MH370 disappeared, a Flaperon was found in Reunion Island on 29th July 2015. 

My Guardian Angel Brenda gave me a premonition that the MH370 Flaperon would become the most vital clue for Aircrash Investigators – sixteen months BEFORE the MH370 Flaperon debris was found.


MH17 Afterlife Sign - Plastic Plane Wing - Cropped.jpg

A Plastic Plane Wing Afterlife Sign was found 37 days BEFORE MH17 was shot down over Ukraine.

Angel Brenda also gave me a Plastic Plane Wing Premonition Afterlife Sign of the Second Malaysian Aircrash – I found a Plastic Plane Wing Afterlife Sign 37 days BEFORE MH17 was shot down over Ukraine.


The Second Beetle Afterlife Sign appeared 10 days before Germanwings 9525 Andreas Lubitz deliberately crashed the plane after locking out his Captain on 24th March 2015.


Second Beetle Afterlife Sign - Cropped.jpg

Rhino Beetles are very rarely seen in city areas – usually only seen in the Malaysian hills.

Angel Brenda double confirmed that it was Captain Zaharie when a Second Beetle Afterlife Sign appeared 10 day BEFORE Germanwings 9525 Andreas Lubitz deliberately crashed the plane after locking out his Captain on 24th March 2015.

In MH370 case, it was the other way round – Captain Zaharie locked out his co-pilot after he said “Goodnight Malaysia 3-7-0” to the Malaysian Air Control Tower and switched off all transponders two minutes after his last cockpit message.


MH370 LEFT Flaperon with MH.jpg

Flaperon found in Réunion Island on 29th July 2015 – 16 months after MH370 disappeared.

MH370:  Where, Why & What Happened:

WHERE:  MH370 sank mainly in 1 piece along MH370 Madagascar Arc (not near Australia).
NO pieces of MH370 debris were found along Australia’s beachline.
NOTE:  They are searching in the wrong area.

WHY:  Captain Zaharie’s heroic mission to islamic Maldives to free Anwar Ibrahim went wrong.

WHAT:  He depressurized the cabin to knock out the Crew.
He had a last look at his hometown Penang.
He became extremely despondent, and ditch-landed when it ran out of fuel.
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MH370 - Where, Why & What Happened.jpg

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By Robren TwinSouls
Robren is the combined form of Whisperer Robert Chaen and Angel Brenda, his late wife and Twin Soul. This is a TwinSouls Whispering from the Other Side, the 
6th Dimension of the Universe – The Afterlife.

Published:  22nd November 2018.
Updated: 24th November 2018.
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