1. Title: A Total of 23 Countries have Non Halal Banknotes including Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Canada, and UK. Does it really matter?

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WHILE Australia was the first country in the world to produce banknotes made from plastic (polymer), what many people don’t realise is that our currency uses tallow — rendered animal fat from sheep, pigs and cows — as a ‘slip agent’ to prevent friction and static.

The Reserve Bank of Australia confirmed banknotes have a tiny amount — around one per cent — of the animal by-product.

The news that Australian bank notes contain the animal product is not welcome news to vegans — or, it has been suggested, to many Hindus, Muslims, Jews, Sikhs and Jains.

An online video recently posted to Facebook by social commentators Project Nightfall reveals that not only is tallow used in the British five-pound note and Australian currency, but in bank notes from Canada, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries — a total of 23.

Others had a different point of view.

“Isn’t it better to just use natural animal parts rather than creating synthetic versions of it? We are part of this giant ecosystem, if we don’t eat animals, someone else / some other animals do.”

But some religious folks were not too concerned by the disclosure.

“As an orthodox jew … we are not allowed to EAT pork. We can touch it and use it. It being in money is not a problem at all.”

Tallow is already used in a number of household items such as soap, candles, plastic bags, moisturisers, and even some fabric softeners. It’s also found in some aeroplane fuel and even in mobile phones. Animal by-products are also used in many clothing and cosmetics.

As one Facebook user commented, “Any of the vegans who don’t want their money due to this, just send it my way, I will dispose of it properly for you.”


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Are they going to eat the banknotes?
Much ado about nothing.
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New video reveals substance in Australia’s paper currency that has outraged vegans

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The cash you use everyday may actually contain pork. Picture: Stock  Source: Supplied

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Published:  14th November 2018.
Updated: 22nd September 2019.

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