1. Title: Kleptocracy and Kakistocracy Happens When Ministers, HRDF, and Najib Use Company Bank Accounts like Their Own Personal Accounts. Stop lying Najib, and shut up.

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HRDF, Ministers, and Najib Razak can’t differentiate between Company Bank Accounts and Personal Bank Accounts.

There must a clear distinction and separation between a Personal entity and Company entity and the banking accounts. Ministers from the past Najib Razak Administration were totally guilty of kleptocracy. 

According to US Department of Justice the World’s biggest kleptocrat  is the most corrupt Najib-Rosmah (MO1 & MO1 Wife) – who totally use 1MDB funds for their PERSONAL GAIN. Stop lying Najib, and shut up.

That’s why there must also be a separation of powers between religion and government as religion is best excuse to absolutely corrupt and abuse the Governmental Powers, Citizen Control, Dictatorship, and Finances.


LARGE sums of money were diverted from the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) and used to buy properties and give financial perks to a selected few, said the Human Resources Minister today.

“This was done without the knowledge of the board of directors,” said M Kulasegaran in conjunction with the HRDF Governance Oversight Committee (GOC) report in Kuala Lumpur.

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4. Source: Malaysia Insight
Money from human resources fund used to buy properties, says Kula


Source: The Star
Kula: 30% contribution by employers to HRDF to stop from Nov 15

Regarding the alleged misappropriation of RM300mil from the fund, he said millions of ringgit were used to buy property without authorisation from the HRDF board, and that was just some of the wrongdoings.

”Large sums of money were diverted without the authority of the HRDF Board for less impactful training programmes.”

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Published:  10th November 2018.
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