Three Billboards Outside UMNO (Part 1):

1. US$4.5 Billion missing from 1MDB

2. Saudi Donor is Eric Tan @ Jho Low
(proven by US DOJ)

3. How come you are still lying, Najib?

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(adapted from film:  Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri)


LGBT and God is testing me, Zahid

Three Billboards Outside UMNO (Part 2):

1. You met the Dead 1MDB Saudi Donor

2. You are slapped with 45 charges (Vs. Najib’s 38 charges)

3. How come you think “LGBT, and God is testing me”, Zahid?

Published:  7th November 2018.
Updated:  8th November 2018.



Najib’s Lying Body Language and Walk-Out in Mary Ann Jolley’s Interview were a Clue that he KNEW where 1MDB money went and the 3 High Profile Murders (transcript)



Robert Kuok’s Memoirs about Tun Hussein Onn spoiling his “eldest son who is Malay”, and the unfair, constant Robbery of 30% shares from Non-Malays.