1. Title:  Najib’s Lying Body Language and Walk-Out in Mary Ann Jolley’s Interview were a Clear Clue that he KNEW where 1MDB money went and the 3 High Profile Murders (with excerpt transcript)

Al Jazeera 101 East Mary Ann Jolley interviews Malaysia’s former Prime Minister Najib Razak.

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Any good PR expert would have advised the ex-PM against an interview with an investigative journalist who was deported from the directions from him. But Najib has shown to be delusional and hell-bent to lie about his innocence.

Watch Najib lie about receiving donation from the late King Abdullah (“dead man tell no tales”) when US Department of Justice clearly stated the US$681 million “Saudi donation” was from Tanore (a subsidiary owned by Jho Low alias Eric Tan Kim Loong).


Jolley: But Mr. Najib, I know if I get a cheque from Al Jazeera into my bank account I know it is from Al Jazeera, there is an account number, it is not a secret. 

Najib: But just don’t stop with Jho Low. There were other international figures involved, they must also be investigated who really benefited from the whole 1MDB issue. I would like to know too! (Najib had the biggest smile and this was his most excited moment in the interview).

Jolley: But some people will say YOU benefited from the money. For example $27 million was used to purchase a 22 Carat Pink Diamond Pendant for your wife. It was a gift from Jho Low. The US DOJ traces the money that Jho Low bought your wife a $27 million Pink Diamond Pendant with 1MDB money.
But your wife did know the value of it, because she had been with Jho Low to the jeweler, tried it on.  There are records of all of this.

Jolley: Isn’t it important as a Prime Minister of this country to know where this money comes from, so you know will not be eventually compromised.

It seems you are constantly saying you don’t know where the money comes from, yet at the same time 1MDB was going into massive debts.

You recently called for the investigation of several high profile murders which many say you were linked to. The murder of Altantuya in 2006, Hussain Najadi in 2013, and Kevin Morales in 2015, why didn’t you reopen those cases while you were the Prime Minister?

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5. Source (click link to watch video interview) : Malaysia: Najib Speaks

6. Published: 28th October 2018.


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Published:  28th October 2018.
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