Crazy Rich Asians (Hollywood) VS. Miraculous MOC Tycoons (Aspiration).
My Realizations of my Miraculous MOC Tycoon Journey.

Hollywood Happy Ending Doesn’t Happen in Real Life. 
On 3rd October 2018, I Be Leaf that my Miraculous MOC Tycoon Journey has only just begun – to live my Aspiration.

Day 1 MOC (Miracles of Capital) Conference in Jakarta is a huge Wake-Up Call for me.

At around 4:15 pm in the group sharing I publicly declared:
“Today I see myself a US$ billionaire 3 years before I knew the name of my new company.
I’m damn scared, because I know it will become true.
My heart is pumping real fast, I’m shaking!
But I have my Guardian Angel (Brenda) and my Inner Angel with me.”

Day 1 I typed 12 pages of priceless notes in my MacBook Air for reflection, meditation, and ACTION.

3 Key Realizations I Learned in Day 1:

Angel & Devil Egg 3

1. Living my Magic-Miracle-Angel Mindset.
To pinch myself bloody hard whenever I listen too much to my Devil Inside or feel like a Victim, instead of being an Owner (i.e. Ownership).

Be Leaf

2. My Aspiration to be have Time & Freedom to live my dream, passion, vision, travelling, and aspiration.
Be Leaf. Fall down and be FREE.



3. The 90% Iceberg Business Model (What you don’t see):

This is the hardest first step for me to get clarity, expert advice, MOC support, and clear aspiration towards IPO my businesses and igniting the Inner Fire of my Purple Youth Entrepreneurship CSR initiative.

Purple Youth CSR - 5 Ways


I’m Robert Chaen, Founder of ChangeU

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Published:  4th October 2018.

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Published:  4th October 2018.
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