Are Religions Right or Wrong?
Discover The 8 Possible Scenarios.


Oh My God


When I posted the poster above, someone commented that I was mocking God, and if I was wrong about the existence of God, I’ve got an awful lot to lose.

I replied:
Who is mocking god?

Whether someone is wrong or right if god exists or not, there is no proof that there is no god. There is also no universally accepted proof that there is a god.
God is Human’s greatest imagination and invention.
As many humans there are and were, that is how many gods and god-names humans have created.

Therefore, humans created God, and not God created humans.


There are 8 possible scenarios about whether religions are right or wrong:
1.  All religions and cults are 100% right (but that’s not even possible).
2.  Only 1 religion is 100% right (god knows which one, nearly all religions and cults claim they are the only one).
3.  Some religions are partially right – like the story of the Blind men describing the Elephant (God)
4.  All religions are partially right.
5.  All religions are 100% wrong (but that can’t be as there are varying degrees of wisdom).
6.  Only 1 religion is 100% wrong (god knows which one, many religions say other religions are wrong except maybe Hinduism who accept the most number of gods and other religions).
7.  Some religions are partially wrong.
8.  All religions are partially wrong.

Q. Which one of the eight do you most agree with?
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And god does not need anyone and you to defend god.
And please don’t blame god for everything i.e. natural disasters, Karma, wars, punishment.
And don’t justify your actions that it is the Will of God and do it in God’s Name, or say if it is God’s Will – when actually it is the Will of YOU only.

I’m cool with god, so I don’t fear god as god has no religion, no name, no body, and no nothing.
I have nothing to lose or gain as my soul too has no religion, no name (Robert is the name of my current body), no body, and no nothing.

~ Robren TwinSouls. Offering one reason why God and Religions are not one and the same as God and Religions never mix.



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By Robren TwinSouls
Robren is the combined form of Whisperer Robert Chaen and Angel Brenda, his late wife and Twin Soul. This is a TwinSouls Whispering from the Other Side, the 
6th Dimension of the Universe – The Afterlife.

Published: 2nd October 2018.
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