Humans created God, religious laws and man-made laws to control and police its people.


Oh My God

God and souls have no name or form.

Your body has a name but your soul has no name.

God has no religion and no body, and does not use a body.

No human is God as God is never governed by time and space.

God is probably human’s greatest invention a product of human’s imagination.

As many humans there are and were, that many Gods and God-Names humans have created.

Therefore, humans created God, and not God created humans.

God, religions and cults are human’s greatest follies.

God, God’s laws, religious laws, and all laws are man-made.

But there is absolutely no universally accepted proof there is God or no God.


Angels are not God. Your Guardian Angels are there to guide, protect, sometimes intervene due to your Karma, and show you Angelic Signs if you can only connect the dots.

Animals do not have or follow any laws, but the laws of physics, nature, and survival.

OMG, you may finally realize the truth.

Robren TwinSouls



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By Robren TwinSouls
Robren is the combined form of Whisperer Robert Chaen and Angel Brenda, his late wife and Twin Soul. This is a TwinSouls Whispering from the Other Side, the 
6th Dimension of the Universe – The Afterlife.

Published: 1st October 2018.
Update: 3rd October 2018.

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