It’s not Mahathir’s The Malay Dilemma.
It’s The Malay Delusion.
The Real Fight in Malaysian Politics is always Between Malays.
Since Merdeka, the Chinese is labelled as Anti-Islamic and a Subservient Punching Bag for Intolerant Islamofascists.

DAP and the Chinese in general have always been accused as being anti-Islamic and the imaginary enemy number 1 but in reality the Chinese is just damn good punching bag between Malay-based Political Parties.

Is it fair and equal for 50.4% Malays to be given nearly all GLC CEO and Government Department Head positions?

Has the first Chinese Minister Finance in 44 years, Lim Guan Eng, not done an outstanding job compared to the resigned or sacked 30+ 100% Malay CEOs of GLCs?


The Malay psyche is not something difficult to fathom. It is the result of years of indoctrination (brainwashing) by a political party that is long on hopes but short on ideas. Fear mongering is Umno’s forte because the party believes that Malays are under threat.

That their religion and their sultans are being assailed and belittled by imaginary goblins and make-believe enemies. The delay in endorsing Tommy Thomas, an Indian, as the new Attorney General to replace Apandi Ali exemplifies this fear.


Anyone other than a Malay and a Muslim is considered unworthy to assume any sensitive appointments which are only reserved for Malays. But on hindsight it is the Malays who have let the nation and their own kind down.

Najib Razak, Rosmah Mansor, Apandi Ali, Rahman Dahlan, Tajuddin Rahman, Khalid Abu Bakar, Jamal (Jamban) and all the obscenely-paid heads of government-linked companies are Malays. But this is of no consequence to a race that makes up over 60 percent of the nation’s population. They continue to feel threatened. I call this a self-confidence deficit.

Pakatan Harapan’s major challenge in the months to come is to continue with its reform agenda while, at the same time, prevent divisive and malicious ethno-religious sentiments from flaring up before the next general elections. A tall order indeed for Tun Dr Mahathir and his multi-ethnic but highly motivated team. Time is running out on them. But with people like Lim Guan Eng, M. Kulasegeran, Dr Maszlee Malik, Tony Pua, Hannah Yeoh, Gobind Singh Deo and Anthony Loke around I am prepared to stick my neck out.

A country with a sizeable Muslim population requires a federal agency of Islamic affairs (Jakim) to oversee and regulate seemingly petty tasks like the fixing of prayer times, halal certification, regulating of mosque and religious officials, drafting Friday prayers’ sermons and administrating pilgrimages and tithes.

What it does not deserve is being placed under the Prime Minister’s Department to be used as a tool to control and manipulate the country’s citizens, especially Malay Muslims. Nor should it be allowed to espouse anti-human rights and impose anti-liberalism policies on Muslims in its bid to enhance its Islamist credentials. There is no necessity for Jakim to go beyond what it is designed for.

And surely the agency does not require an inflated annual budget of almost RM1 billion so it could focus its attention on “converting the LBGT”, inspecting the genitals of a perceived transgender celebrity, raiding budget hotels and brothels to flush out Muslim couples committing khalwat (close proximity) and apprehending Muslims who do not fast.

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By Fathol Zaman Bukhari, Ipoh Echo
The Malay Psyche

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Don't drive out Robert Kuok

Don’t drive out the Chinese like Tun Razak did to Robert Kuok. The Real Fight in Malaysian Politics is always Between Malays.

​Stop Christofascism, Islamofascism, and Religio-fascism. Stop Religions from their Long History of Cursing or Killing Apostates.
Just because Najib and UMNO Leaders are leaders, it does NOT mean they have LEADERSHIP, principles, integrity, and morality. Rafidah praises “Billion Dollar Whale&” book.


Published: 1st October 2018.


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