1. Sinful Saiful, Your A-hole and Integrity Don’t Buckle under Pressure!

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Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan always been a good actor. Previously acting as a poor Sodomy victim incriminating Anwar Ibrahim, eventually make him not eligible to run for Prime Minister. Now Saiful is appearing as a candidate for the Port Dickson by-election, against his accused Anwar Ibrahim as a very bad joke. Or Saiful is paid by a lot money by Najib to create chaos again.

Saiful & Anwar should hands and make up

Sinful Saiful in full suit is so out of place (first left)


From a behavorial point of view, no rape or sodomy victim will ever behave like Saiful’s outrageous shenanigans.

Let me ask a simple psychological question to any MALE reader:

Would you be willing to let your boss to sodomize your a-hole, or would you slap your boss in the face in utter disgust and resign on the spot?

And since when Anwar Ibrahim turned gay?
It makes absolutely no sense.


Najib’s US$4.5 Billion sure can buy some people’s integrity, silence, resignation, sacking, or accusation as in Saiful’s case.

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Boos ring out whenever Saiful’s name mentioned

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7. Published: 29th September 2018.
Updated: 30th September 2018.




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Published:   29th September 2018.
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