1. Title:  Just because Najib and UMNO Leaders are leaders, it does NOT mean they have LEADERSHIP, principles, integrity, and morality. Rafidah praises “Billion Dollar Whale” book.
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“Billion Dollar Whale” book teaches us that it is not leaders. It’s about leadership and integrity.
Many Leaders have shown to be Liars, Grand Thieves, Tyrants, Sadists, Braggarts, Psychopaths, Barbarians, or Savages.
Najib’s Prime Minister’s Office stopped Rafidah and others from asking questions and writing media articles about 1MDB and the US$681 million that ended up in Najib’s bank account.
Former international trade and industry minister Rafidah Aziz today praised the “Billion Dollar Whale” book written by Wall Street Journal (WSJ) journalists Tom Wright and Bradley Hope, which accuses Jho Low of masterminding the 1MDB scandal.
The veteran politician said the book had many lessons to offer, including not allowing greed to take over one’s lives, and to honour the people’s trust.
“The book teaches us that it is not about leaders. It is about leadership.
“It is the hardest thing to get in the world today. Anywhere in the world. There are plenty of leaders jostling to get posts, but they can hardly show what leadership is, as wanted by the citizens who voted them in,” she said.
Speaking to reporters later, Rafidah said she had started speaking up on the issue as early as in 2015, in a column in Utusan Malaysia, where she questioned why the country was getting RM2.6 billion and who was giving the money.
“Utusan came back to me and said it would not go to print. I was so upset. This is why I started writing on my Facebook. If I cannot do it in the papers, I will do it on Facebook. I started questioning,” she said.
Back then, Rafidah said, the seeds of doubt were planted in her, and she questioned why the Prime Minister’s Office should stop her from asking questions.
“It goes to show that very early on, there were efforts to shut everyone up. That was a no go for me,” she added.
1MDB is under investigation in at least six countries including the US where it has become the biggest case pursued by the US Department of Justice under its anti-kleptocracy programme.
The DoJ alleged in lawsuits that more than US$4.5 billion from 1MDB was laundered through a complex web of transactions and shell companies, of which US$681 million ended up in Najib’s bank account.
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Come clean on Jho Low story, Rewcastle-Brown tells WSJ journo

Clare Rewcastle-Brown is now demanding that Wright clarify how he landed the story detailing the transfer of US$681 million into the bank account of former prime minister Najib Razak.
She claimed the individual who provided the details was a Sarawak Report’s (SR) source.
In return for the favour and documents provided by the source, Rewcastle-Brown alleged that Wright agreed that he would mention SR in the article he wrote but failed to do so.

“That is not the only pledge he broke. He also said he would continue to contact the source through Sarawak Report, and not attempt to go behind Sarawak Report’s back,” she said in a blog post.
“Far more importantly, he also promised that he would not reproduce the documents themselves on his website, because the source was fearful that showing the documents would point to who they were.
“Nevertheless, shortly after the original story, Wright did put those documents up on the WSJ website, despite that promise, causing great fear to Sarawak Report’s source, many of whose colleagues were indeed arrested shortly after, in a search for the leak. As a result, that source did not approach Sarawak Report again.”


Don't drive out the Chinese


Don’t drive out the Chinese like Tun Razak did to Robert Kuok. The Real Fight in Malaysian Politics is always Between Malays.


UMNO Warlords like Nazri Aziz Can’t Handle The Truth in Robert Kuok’s Memoirs about Tun Hussein Onn spoiling his “eldest son who is Malay”, and the unfair, constant Robbery of 30% shares from Non-Malays.


7.  Published:  26th September 2018.




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Published:  26th September 2018.
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