1. Title:  Don’t drive out the Chinese like Tun Razak did to Robert Kuok.
The Real Fight in Malaysian Politics is always Between Malays.
Since Merdeka, the Chinese is labelled as Anti-Islamic and a Subservient Punching Bag for Intolerant Islamofascists.
Mahathir & Anwar, is New Malaysia going to change for the better?

2. Review:
One of the most straight-forward, brutally honest public plea I’ve ever read.


DAP and the Chinese in general have always been accused as being anti-Islamic and the imaginary enemy number 1 but in reality the Chinese is just damn good punching bag between Malay-based Political Parties.

Apa lagi Cina mahu? Najib asked (what else do the Chinese want?)
Actually nothing. 

Has DAP’s Lim Kit Siang became Prime Minister as accused by UMNO before GE14?
No. He didn’t even want any juicy, paying position.

Has the first Chinese Minister Finance in 44 years, Lim Guan Eng, not done an outstanding job compared to the resigned or sacked 30+ 100% Malay CEOs of GLCs?

Is it fair and equal for 50.4% Malays to be given nearly all GLC CEO and Government Department Head positions?

The 24.6% Chinese Malaysians, 7.3% Indians, 17% East-Malaysian Bumiputeras FEEL THE UNFAIRNESS but in general Non-Malays are mainly peaceful, choose to remain silent and tolerant. But for how long do Malays expect Non-Malays to obey, comply, and to accept being punched psychologically everyday as their enemies?

Malays, just IMAGINE for 1 MINUTE what IF the table is reversed and Non-Malays are the big majority. What is it like to be a Minority who is oppressed and accused of all sorts of things. Now imagine that for 61 YEARS – get the picture?

Non-Malays cannot forever be a punching bag for Malay-based Political Parties. Please have a heart and respect Non-Malay Malaysians who contribute and pay taxes.

Non-Malay Malaysians have NO PLACE TO GO (not Tong Shan China, not India), but their home is called Malaysia.

Malays, your home is not Indonesia is it – even if some of your ancestors were from Indonesia (Zahid), Bugis (Najib), or even Kerala (Mahathir).
Malays, are you going to remain silent when the Malay-based Political Parties attack Non-Malays?
Many Non-Malays have been outspoken whenever Malays are being attacked, can you do the same?


Malays, when you are attacking the Chinese, just remember who helped build Kuala Lumpur and the infrastructures of Malaysia – from Yap Ah Loy, the third Kapitan China of Kuala Lumpur to Robert Kuok, to the present day Chinese Malaysian Tycoons.

Najib, you said that Chinese Tycoons like Robert Kuok were given Government approval keys, BUT the real hard work of foundation building still has to be completed. The Keys are NOT the Building, Najib.

Isn’t it ironic that Najib trusted a Chinese Jho Low to carry his orders of plundering 1MDB, and relied on China and Jack Ma to rebuild a new rail and digital infrastructure – what a hypocrite! 

Look around the cities, the country side, the resorts (Genting, Shangri-la), tourist attractions (Batu Caves, Petaling Street, Jalan Alor, Jonker Street, Low Yat Plaza), malls, the economy – which Non-Malays helped build the infrastructure (Westports, Astro, Maxis), airlines (AirAsia), banks (Public Bank), universities (Sunway, HELP), property (SP Setia, IGB, IOI), factories (Top Glove, Selangor Pewter), retail (Berjaya), cars (Tan Chong), construction (YTL), the SOP, and the service?

The truth is the greedy Tun Razak wanted more Robert Kuok’s shares after he built (MISC)Eventually the greed, lust, arrogance, and power to demand more and more Bumiputera shares from Robert, drove Robert to give up his shares, drove him out of Malaysia, and moved his Headquarters to Hong Kong. It happened to some extent to Tony Fernandes’ AirAsia hub.

Robert Kuok wrote his memoirs as readers really wanted to know his influential opinions about many important aspects of Malaysian economy and politics. Many UMNO warlords and Malays such as Nazri Aziz were not impressed with Robert Kuok’s truthful comments especially about the metaphorical story of the 3 sons to Tun Hussein Onn. “You’re going to be the leader of a nation, and you have three sons, Hussein. The first-born is Malay, the second-born is Chinese, the third-born is Indian…


Read Robert Kuok’s memoirs.

Robert Kuok loss is one of Malaysia’s and Malays’ greatest losses.
The estimated 2 Million “Brain Drain “Malaysians who immigrated overseas and Singapore is one of Malaysia’s and Malays’ greatest losses.
Luckily Tun Mahathir saw the light and brought the 94-year old Robert Kuok back as a key member of the Council of Elders.

WARNING: Drive away the Chinese like how you drove away Robert Kuok, you will lose the biggest taxpayer segment. Drive away the Chinese, you drive away the economy.

Zahid, so remember when you ask the Chinese to go back to Tong Shan, beware of what you ask for. Don’t take the Chinese for granted, China has implemented a new visa policy that allows foreigners of Chinese descent to remain in China for up to five years.

Don’t worry. Chinese Malaysians are NOT about to give up New Malaysia so easily. In fact, the word is going around that many Overseas Malaysians are very interested to return… and a few hundreds of curious Overseas Malaysians have returned since GE14.

Mahathir & Anwar, Malaysians have high hopes for a NEW MALAYSIA, and a DREAM that one day Malaysian children will be all equal as ONE.
~ Author unknown


The real fight in Malaysian politics is always between the Malays and not the non-Malays. The fight for the Malay rights will be a non issue in the near future.

Don’t forget that Malaysian Chinese today only comprise 24% of the total population and the Malay comprise of 50.4%. And this percentage is fast dropping. In 10 years time, it may be only 16%; and in 15 years from now, maybe only 12%, unless Overseas Malaysians return to New Malaysia.

So, whether you pay attention to Malay rights or not, in 10 years’ time, it will become a non-issue. They don’t even have to debate that matter with you as it becomes a non-issue, whether you like it or not.

The route to your future well -being is to be strong on your own merits. Malay rights will become irrelevant. By then, we will be begging the issue of minority rights – like the blacks in America.

No equal rights will be there for non-Malays presently, more so in 10 to 15 years’ time. Your only hope is to be strong on your on right.

That’s why I say, we must become strong on our own merits. Educate yourself, improve your skills, make yourself needed and important to earn your universal rights in any country. You can then be respected and welcomed in anywhere you go, thus earning your universal rights.

The reality is this: In 20 years’ time (and that’s a short time), the debate in Malaysia will be between the Muslim fundamentalists (PAS) and the Muslim liberals ( perhaps UMNO, PKR, AMANAH, PPBM, etc)…. forget about MCA, Gerakan, DAP.

Today, UMNO is happily talking and working with PAS without even discussing with MCA. Why? Because MCA is already unimportant to them.

In 20 years’ time, the Chinese in Malaysia will also become unimportant and irrelevant to the Malays, politically.

So, get prepared. Do you know that at one time, the Chinese made up to 40% of Malaysian population? What’s it now?

So, the question of Malay rights will not be a question anymore in 10 to 15 years’ time. It will become more a question of minority rights – like the ethnic Chinese in the US, Europe, Australia, Canada, etc etc. It will no longer be a question anymore because we will become an even smaller minority. Take it or leave it…. that will be the new reality.

So, you can only make yourselves strong one way or another. Like the Jews, if not, you will continue to lag behind, not only in Malaysia but anywhere in the world.

Unless we and returning Overseas Malaysians change the game.
~ Author unknown


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  25th September 2018.
Updated: 30th September 2018.




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Published:  25th September 2018.
Updated: 30th September 2018.

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