1. Title:  Jaclyn Leong:  1 of #RobertChaenReview 2018 Top 10 New Chinese Confectionery Chefs in Kuala Lumpur.
Jaclyn Leong’s Sesame Coated Yolk Crisp Bar aka Nyap Tan So (Duck Egg Pastry).

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YouTube:  https://tinyurl.com/yb7szrrl
Facebook:  https://tinyurl.com/ycwc4syz

2. Review:

Only 2 Flavors on offer now:
1. Red Bean Paste with 1 Yolk
2. Pandan Lotus Seed Paste with 1 Yolk.

Jaclyn just started her own sideline business offering her confectionery delights. And the response has been overwhelming that her orders are all full and sold out before Mid-Autumn Festival on 24th September 2018. Many of her friends are giving this way instead of the more tradtional mooncakes this year.

She even delivers the mooncakes herself because she want to maintain freshness and damage-free. Eventually she would need to outsource the delivery and focus on producing new exciting flavors.

We were privileged to have an early sampling for my review.

3. Rating: #RobertChaenReview (Chinese Confectionery): 8.5 |10

Extra brownie points for being a new young talent and food start-up.
Jaclyn deserves a good break, exposure, and publicity for her delicious culinary creations.

My passion is to promote a City’s LOCAL Young Talents, Local Chefs, Local Artists, Local Celebrities, Local Food, Local Local Businesses, Local Investments, Local Travel Spots, Local Temples, Local Islands, Local Resorts, Local Spas, Local Hawker Food…

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  pm me.

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Published: 21st September 2018.
Updated: 22nd September 2018.
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