1. Title:  Hollywood Happy Ending Doesn’t Happen in Real Life.
Crazy Rich Asians (Hollywood) Vs. Rich Hongkongers (Kwoks).

The Story of Walter Kwok of Sun Hung Kai and Why Hollywood Love Stories don’t come true.

2. Review:

Hollywood Love Stories almost always don’t come true!
In reality, the guy doesn’t get the girl like in a Hollywood Happy Ending.

Walter Kwok is the eldest son of Kwok Tak Seng and Kwong Siu-hing. Together with brothers Thomas and Raymond, they inherited Sun Hung Kai Properties, Hong Kong’s largest real estate developer.

According to the Standard, Kwok fell in love with an ambitious lawyer Ida Tong Kam-hing (唐錦馨), but his father did not allow him to marry her.

His parents introduced him to Lydia Ku, whom he married, but the marriage broke up six months afterwards. Later, he married his present wife, Wendy Lee.

Kwok was kidnapped by the notorious gangster “Big Spender” Cheung Tze-keung on 30 September 1997, and was released seven days later without police intervention. Negotiations fronted by wife Wendy resulted in payment of a ransom rumoured to have been in nine figures.

Following his arrest in Guangzhou in 1998, Cheung confessed that he had put Kwok in a wooden container blindfolded for four days, and fed him regular meals of roast pork with rice, until the ransom of some HK$600 million was paid.

The ransom in 1,000-dollar notes was packed inside 20 large carrier bags and driven in two Mercedes saloon cars to a quiet lane in Central district. After the kidnap, the badly shaken Walter handed over the executive duties of SHKP to his younger brothers while retaining the title of chairman and chief executive. His abductor was executed in the People’s Republic of China in December 1998.

As a result of his kidnapping ordeal, Walter reportedly developed deep psychological problems. Under Walter’s later chairmanship, press reported that a former girlfriend, Ida Tong, had become increasingly influential. It was revealed that Ida’s influence, through being Walter’s mistress of four years, has been causing friction with his brothers.

In 2012, younger brothers Thomas and Raymond, as well as Rafael Hui, previously the second-highest ranking government official in Hong Kong, were arrested by the city’s anti-corruption agency on suspicion of bribery. Thomas Kwok and Rafael Hui were sentenced to prison terms while Raymond Kwok was acquitted. It has been suggested that Walter, who was not arrested, was the one who passed information to the authorities, supposedly in revenge for his ouster from Sun Hung Kai Properties a few years earlier. (excerpt from wikipedia)


I remember Wendy Kwok commented that she admired how carefree I was even though at that time I didn’t have much money or own a property.

Whereas she commented that super-rich tycoons and wealthy people worry every day about their money, how to increase, keep, use and spend their money, and remain in high alert in case some friends, relatives, business partner or competitor might cheat or con them.

So many public figures and rich and famous Celebrities in Hong Kong, Singapore, China, India, Philippines, and Malaysia have whispered to me how their own Family controlled, pressured, and rejected their first choice of love.

Life is not so simple – it’s much more complicated and stranger than Hollywood. But in reality many people actually marry not for love, but for money, security, status, security, and stay in a loveless marriage for the sake of their children.

I MARRIED FOR LOVE my late wife and Twin Soul Brenda Jose – I did not marry for money, lust, status, or fame.

Many people are seduced by the seductive lifestyle of the Crazy Rich Asians, the lifestyle of the rich and famous, but my advice is don’t be seduced by the trappings of success, fame and riches, fast Ferrari and McLaren as in the film Crazy Rich BUT VERY SHALLOW ASIANS. Live a fulfilling attractive life, full of meaning instead – not a seductive lifestyle.
~ Robren TwinSouls

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