1. Title: Art Harun our beloved Online Hero is the New Malaysian Election Commission Chairperson Holy Cow!

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We had seen good surprises after good surprises since Tun Mahathir was elected by the Rakyat. Now one of us – the down to earth, outrageously outspoken, non-politician, the Gibson guitar-playing cool dude is our new EC.
I mean OMG Hell Yeah Baby! Yay!

– speechless –

This Badass will STOP THE GERRYMANDERING of BN-UMNO, yes! Justice will be finally served.

DAMN YOU Ex-EC Chairman Tan Sri Mohd Hashim Abdullah for ordering the tearing down of Tun Mahathir’s election photo, the ridiculous mid-week GE14 to lower voter turnout especially from Singapore, the last-minute very late Overseas Votes which must have a Witness, disqualifying Chua Tian Chang, a stupid 2 hour window of GE14 application period, etc.

Art, we trust you will do whatever it takes to correct the years of BN dirty trick election abuse.

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7. Published: 21st September 2018.



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Published: 21st September 2018.
Updated: 22nd September 2018.

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