Purple Youth Entrepreneurship (PYE) CSR creating Youth Entrepreneurs in its new #TeeMessages Brand

Purple Youth Entrepreneurship (PYE) CSR Team is conducting a Market Research in Lot 10 (Isetan, H&M, Uniqlo, UniqTee) into the latest trend in T-shirt Designs, Branding, Merchandising, and Retail Display.

This Market Research inspiration is for ChangeU-sponsored CSR initiative to create Youth Entrepreneurs and to give Interns/ UGrads an exciting experience of operating a real Start-up with P&L, KPIs, and Business Model Planning.

Chaen’s Angels VC and MoVsha Speakers Bureau will be working with SBM-UUM (Malaysia’s biggest business school), a Business Media owner, and top MNCs to develop Youth Entrepreneurs in Malaysia.

– with ChangeU Interns & PYE CSR Team Harvard Yap who has in-depth interest and passion in Street Fashion and Ee Qing.


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#TeeMessages by Robert Chaen

Written by Robert Chaen,
CEO of Robert Chaen International & ChangeU International
Thinker, Writer, Speaker and Whisperer.

Published on 13th September 2018.
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