TMJ, are you saying the Sultans are above the law? (By Orange Army)
Any influential person regardless of being negative or positive are monitored by most governments to keep check and balance. What is your issue?

Yes, your real hidden agenda issue is your family obsessively hate Tun Mahathir for stripping the abuse powers of the Sultans and their extensive royal families, and other well publicized situations like the death a golf caddy.

You have no moral right to talk about NEW Malaysia when you openly supported NOT to change the US$4.5 Billion Kleptocratic Captain of a sinking BN-UMNO ship weeks before GE14, and spoke against Tun Mahathir, and desperately tried to influence the Rakyat’s votes.

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You’ve been trying very hard to find fault in Tun Mahathir but you couldn’t find any big mistake so now you’ve made a tiny non-issue into your huge issue.

Yes, Tun M and his young greenhorn Ministers have teething problems in the first 100 days but quite a few are doing excellent against massive odds of the US$4.5 Billions missing in 1MDB, RM19 Billions missing in GST, and the RM1 Trillion Debt, plunder and incompetent mess left behind by the ex-BN-UMNO government. Own up the reality you supported Malaysia’s biggest thief and liar Najib and old corrupted Malaysia.

A gentle advice to TMJ: grow up fast in New Malaysia before you are left behind in your own old Malaysia.
If you criticize, be ready to be criticized back.
Criticizing and questioning a royal is not sedition (we are not talking about false defamation here). It is ensured in the Malaysian Constitution and Freedom of Speech.

You have spoken, that’s your right. But the Rakyat have spoken loud & clear on 9 May, the new Second Merdeka Day.

It’s time for Sultans and their royalties to learn to earn our Rakyat’s respect.
Old Malaysia can’t protect you anymore.
Contribute, don’t just criticize.
Give back, don’t just take and take.
Feel the pain and struggles the Rakyat, don’t just show off and drive around in 3 dozens supercars and be hypocrites.

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