What happened since I exposed Cults like Brahma Kumaris exactly 1 year ago:

● I have shifted my Brahma Kumaris and Cult focus from exposing to creating an empowering self-help platform to help families deal with the crisis of their family member in a cult, and returning cult members (BKs, LGAT) to return to their families & friends.
● The original Confessions of a Brahma Kumaris Cult Leader YouTube video has gone viral with more than 14,000 views.
● I wrote a whole series, articles and YouTube videos on Brahma Kumaris Cult.
● I wrote some articles and YouTube videos on Large Group Awareness Training (LGAT).
● I started Saving 72 Virgins Network which bring awareness about Cults, Sexual Harassment.
● I created Saving 72 Virgins Top Cult List – identifying known cults.
● I wrote “Freedom Butterflies” a self-help series to help family members and friends deal with a family Cult Member.
I wrote Cult 101 Guide, and Brahma Kumaris Cult 101 Guide.
● I started Brahma Kumaris Cult Facebook group with now has 69 members.
● I started #BKMeToo Testimonial ReferenceBook on Brahma Kumaris Cult.
● I joined International Cult Studies Association.
● I’m writing a Love Story Novel which has Brahma Kumaris, LGAT Cults interwoven into the story.


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#BKMeToo by Robert Chaen
Founder of Saving 72 Virgins, Brahma Kumaris Cult FB Group, International Cult Expert on BKs and LGAT (Large Group Awareness Training) Cults.
World’s Second Chinese BK, Co-Founder of Brahma Kumaris Malaysia (1981), Ex-BK (1979-1989)Published on 27th August 2018.
Updated on 6th September 2018.

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