Mama Mia Second Time! Here I go again.
A love story novel predicted in the future by Robert Chaen

(Back cover introduction of my new love story novel based on my true love story)

This is my first love story novel. I’m writing the script of my future life as I predict what will happen in the future.

On 12th July 2018 I envision getting married in 2022 in my future marriage with my future life partner – without knowing her name. I was there!

I saw myself bare-footed on a Hawaiian beach with around 25 guests, my shoes were placed on my right. The Blue Hawaiian Ocean was on my right. It was sunset time. 

I was holding lovingly my second life partner’s hand on my left. Of course, out of curiosity I initially looked into her direction but I couldn’t see anything – it was white, blank, and misty. Later I sensed she is taller than me, blond or with her hair colored blond. 

Come away with me on my new love story novel, as we journey through Malaysia, Hong Kong, Asia, Europe, Milan, Ibiza, USA, and Hawaii. 

Accompany me on my incredible life journey from letting go of my late wife and Twin Soul Brenda José, finding love again, to believing in myself again. I share with you my deepest fears, my broken heart, my betrayals, the abandonment by my friends, my coaching and struggles with mental illnesses like Bipolar disorder, dark cults like Brahma Kumaris and peer-pressure selling of Large Group Awareness Training like Landmark, spirituality, realizations, life lessons, karmic bonds, 12 Twin Flames, Guardian Angels, and 300 Soulmates who come and go through my life, afterlife signs, angelic signs, #TeeMessages, and my whisperings with Angel Brenda.

And the conflict between my Light Side and my Dark Side of my 4 Planets in Virgo and my Scorpio Ascendant. My attraction to high morals white, good, Sex Goddess “Kitsunes” like Brenda and Michelle, and seductive femme fatale “Daji”, the 9-tailed Foxes who make my Scorpio sting but would eventually lead to my downfall like Federica in Ibiza, and Lyndia in Hong Kong.

You will find my novel will speak and whisper directly to you, your spirit, and your soul. You will see many parallels and life lessons that will help you in your own life, career, health, healing, wealth, purpose and meaning in life, relationship and sexuality insights, finding your soulmates, and letting go. 

The Characters in my novel are based on my real friends, family, staff, clients, graduates, readers, viewers, and serendipitous connections. Don’t be too shocked if you read about the fictitious you in my novel…

Please don’t compare my novel with Eat, Pray, Love as more than 60% of my novel is true.

Come away with me now…


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Written by Robert Chaen,
Thinker, Writer, Speaker and Whisperer.
Published on 25th August 2018.
Updated on 30th August 2018.
Copyright 2018 ©
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