#CultMeToo Testimonials

We are very fed up with the constant denial and massive cover-up of BKs that there are NO BK marriage failures and that BK marriages are all rosy and happy. We are now actively collecting #BKMeToo Written Testimonials of Marriage-Family-Career Failures.
● Help us STOP this massive cover-up and denial of BKs.
● Help us to stop Celebrities & Media from supporting BKs.

Many family members of BKs have offered to help our #BKMeToo Movement, the first thing you can do is to write a good #BKMeToo Testimonial. 


I’m the Co-Founder of Brahma Kumaris Malaysia. Dr. Nirmala and Brother Charlie Hogg never discouraged me from giving up my Degree studies to start BK in Malaysia with my brother Tom. Our early years in BK was high energy to spread BK and create many “pakar” teachers who were send to open many centres in Asia and worldwide (pakar means strong in Shiva Baba’s ultra-strict dsicipline of no sex, no food from “impure” non-BKs including my mum, and waking for 4am meditation).

Tom and his then wife BK Maureen Chen were separated in service and as a married couple. Tom and I started probably Asia’s third BK centre outside India in 1981 in Bangsar Kuala Lumpur, and Maureen started Hong Kong centre. Years later Tom was thrown out of the BK centre and lived in a tent and showered in the cold open Melbourne winter.

I want to warn others and BKs that they will be so disappointed with Shiva Baba’s promise of Golden Age that will never happen in 2036. This is predicted by Shiva Baba to be the End of The World when all the estimated 8.9 Billion Iron-Aged humans will die en masse; and only perfect BKs will rule a perfect India with no wars, no sicknesses, and no sex reproduction.

I secretly but delusionally thought I would end up in the top 50 of the 108 BK Rosary of the highest perfect souls on Earth – because Bapdada personally told me I was very special. I walked away from the highest echelons of BK (Double) Foreigner Service and ‘lost all my BK and supposed Golden Age status’. But in reality I realized the Dark Doomsday Cult Truth about BKs, moved on, and rebuilt my life to become a successful and well known international corporate trainer, thinker, writer, and speaker in my industry. I’m proof you can leave BKs and live a much happier, fulfilling life.

I was a 31 year old virgin. I married at age 37, and now I’m a widower. I write about my whisperings with Brenda my guardian angel and Twin Soul.

~ Robert Chaen
Founder of Saving 72 Virgins, Brahma Kumaris Cult FB Group, International Cult Expert on BKs and LGAT (Large Group Awareness Training) Cults.
World’s Second Chinese BK, Co-Founder of Brahma Kumaris Malaysia (1981), Ex-BK (1979-1989)
Published on 19th August 2018.


I was referred to BKs. It was said to be the top yoga school that will bring my wife Caroline and I closer and stronger. I started first and was charmed with the first lesson on the soul (note: The course duration was 42 weeks). I recommended Caroline right away.

She started 4 months after me (this is how long the first lesson was. Within a month I notice changes in her. When I was in class, the main teacher Brian Lum would make subtle, secret comments that only Caroline would know. She would stay up late at nights until 1:00 – 2:00 am alone with him in his basement. A few months ago we stopped communicating. She said she made a promise to Shiva Baba and wants to be celibate because Shiva Baba and BKs are strictly against lust.

Our relationship was on and off. She became very violent and angry towards me and our oldest son. She spent all evenings and all weekends from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm.

After I finished the course which lasted about a year, I left after the feelings inside me grew stronger that this is wrong and they have negative intentions with Caroline. It may be too late to save her at this point.

We are now separated. We can’t communicate because she is always angry with me. I sensed this is because I was demonized by Brian, which I have actual proof.

I just want my family to be back together lovingly like we were before the BK’s indoctrination.

~ Michael Hirnam
Construction worker/health and fitness coach, Guyanese, lives in Canada, age 36.
Published on 19th August 2018.


Robert Chaen’s View:
Michael, from your description, Brian Lum’s set up seems to be a Breakaway Cult of BKs. Why?
The free Brahma Kumaris introductory course is usually 5-7 days of 1 hour sessions. I have never heard of 42 weeks course, and never until 1:00 am to 2:00 am as strong BKs students need to wake up for 4:00 Amrit Vela meditation.

As a Cult Expert, it is very obvious to me and outsiders that Brian Lum is a Breakaway BK Cult Leader (BTW, there are many Breakaway BK groups such as PBK, ). Although it seems Brian practices Brahmacharya (Celibacy), he has this weird unhealthy cult practice of being alone with the opposite sex. He comes across as a control freak cult leader who intend to possess and 100% control his cult members through manipulation, long-hours brainwashing conditioning, and grooming cult members to totally depend on his Shrimat (supreme instructions). 

My suggestion is to inform the Zone-in-Charge of Brahma Kumaris North America, it should still be BK Mohini (New York) or BK Denise (LA). Share that you suspect Brian Lum and his BK centre is a Breakaway group, give them full address, contact details, website, flyers, etc, and observe the response of BK Mohini / Denise.

Secondly, gather as much evidence of possible cult activities especially weird one-on-one late night sessions, then make a police report that you suspect Brian Lum may intend to sexually harass, or even rape his female students.

Thirdly, share your experience of being ostracized by Brian and warn as many of your fellow BK students.

Fourthly, create a small Ex-BK support group community. You can’t fight Cults and BKs alone.


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#BKMeToo by Robert Chaen
Founder of Saving 72 Virgins, Brahma Kumaris Cult FB Group, International Cult Expert on BKs and LGAT (Large Group Awareness Training) Cults.
World’s Second Chinese BK, Co-Founder of Brahma Kumaris Malaysia (1981), Ex-BK (1979-1989)

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