Collecting #CultMeToo Written Testimonials of Family Isolation and Marriage-Career Failures.
Stop this Massive Cover-up & Denial of Cults 
Stop Celebrities & Media from supporting Cults

We are very fed up with the constant denial and massive cover-up of certain Cults that there are NO marriage-family-career failures. 

Cult members are well trained to pretentiously visit physical families including so that family connections do not bad mouth or expose the cult but praise them for their courteous “service”.

To counteract this cover-up, help us to collect as many written Testimonials from yourself and families of Cults. These testimonials will be for public view so Cults will stop their claims there are no family isolation, marriage-family-career failures.

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Tips for #CultMeToo Testimonial writing:
1. Be specific.

2. Share objectively how you and your family have suffered – without sounding like a poor victim, or being bitter and vengeful with an axe to grind.

3. Reveal the deceptive tactics of Cult teachers, Zone-in-Charges (mention names) in giving strict directions of family isolation.

4. A very brief detail of the background and scale of damage of the cult e.g. number of years in the cult, your relationship with the cult member and specifically it had affected your family, marriage, children.

5. Share time frames and pivotal periods when the cult member became stronger e.g. going on cult pilgrimage.

6. Keep it to maximum 3 paragraphs so it is easy to read, with short sentences, and organized, structured thinking and writing.

NOTE: We prefer you put your real name like how I put my name and photo in all my Videos and articles. But, if you are still not comfortable, state clearly you want to be anonymous, but at least state your profession/last job, nationality, where currently live, and age.


Robert Chaen #CultMeToo and #BKMeToo Testimonial (sample testimonial):

“I’m the Co-Founder of BK Malaysia, a doomsday cult. Dr. Nirmala and Brother Charlie Hogg never discouraged me from giving up my Degree studies to start BK in Malaysia with my brother Tom. Our early years in BK was high energy to spread BK and create many “pakar” teachers who were send to open many centres in Asia and worldwide (pakar means strong in Shiva Baba’s ultra-strict dsicipline of no sex, no food from “impure” non-BKs including my mum, and waking for 4am meditation).

Tom and his then wife BK Maureen Chen were separated in service. Tom and I started probably Asia’s third BK centre outside India in 1981 in Bangsar Kuala Lumpur, and Maureen started Hong Kong centre. Tom was thrown out off the BK centre and lived in a tent and showered in the cold open Melbourne winter.

I want to warn others and BKs that they will be so disappointed with Shiva Baba’s promise of Golden Age that will never happen in 2036. This is predicted by Shiva Baba to be the End of The World when all the estimated 8.9 Billion Iron-Aged humans will die en masse; and only perfect BKs will rule a perfect India with no wars, no sicknesses, and no sex reproduction.

I secretly but delusionally thought I would end up in the top 50 of the 108 BK Rosary of the highest perfect souls on Earth – because Bapdada personally told me I was very special. I walked away from the highest echelons of BK (Double) Foreigner Service and ‘lost all my BK and supposed Golden Age status’. But in reality I realized the Dark Doomsday Cult Truth about BKs, moved on, and rebuilt my life to become a successful and well known international corporate trainer, thinker, writer, and speaker in my industry. I’m proof you can leave BKs and have a much happier, fulfilling life.

I was a 31 year old virgin. I  married at age 37, and now I’m a widower. I write about my whisperings with Brenda my guardian angel and Twin Soul.”

~ Robert Chaen
Founder of Saving 72 Virgins, International Cult Expert on BKs and LGAT (Large Group Awareness Training) Cults.
World’s Second Chinese BK, Co-Founder of Brahma Kumaris Malaysia (1981), Ex-BK (1979-1989), International Cult Expert    

[Note: my testimonial is short, simple, and straightforward. It is 5 paragraphs long because I have vast experience with BKs. I suggest to keep your #CultMeToo Testimonial to 3 paragraphs.]


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Written by Robert Chaen,
Thinker, Writer, Speaker and Whisperer.
Published on 18th August 2018.
Copyright 2018 ©
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