Stella, My First God-Daughter: The Tamer of The Incredible Hulk Within Me.

Stella Ong is my First God-Daughter of 3 God-Daughters. The other 2 have not met each other: Suyi Tam and Flora Xuan (both living in Hong Kong).

When she was 10 years old she chose me to be her God-Father. I can’t believe she is now she is 34 already.

If you have been following my blogs you would know that my life transformed drastically on 10-12th July 2018 when an Astrologer-Healer couple called RayVan visited me. I have been making ongoing amendments in my 9 vices especially my attachment and addictions. So far so good.

One of my pride is my 3 God-Daughters and 2 God-Sons (Todd Man died in 2014 and Javin). I want to play an important role in the lives of all my grown up God-children.

For instance when my God-Daughter Flora’s 14-year old son, Mendes and her ex-husband Mendy Mok (he was my Head of Cantonese Training in Hong Kong for more than 10 years, and now I these 3 as my dear, intimate Hong Kong family besides my real brother Dr. Andrew and his daughter Nicolle), I took a role to educate Mendes about how great his father is, and how aligned, sharp, street-wise, and lightning fast we were as a coaching team and how we always look out for each other.

The 3 of us had such a great travel adventure in Malacca and Genting.

I wanted Mendes to learn how to instantly stop playing games when it’s time to go out, having meals together, or time for sleep especially if there are others sharing the same bedroom. Many parents and friends have shared with me how this bad habit of GAMING addiction is so prevalent in teenagers in various degrees of addiction.

If teenagers don’t learn to control their internet/ gaming addiction, they will be a Slave to their addictions and they’ll lose Mastery over their life and destiny. I see aspects of my own “Scorpio” addictions and attachment in him in my past and some currently. I empathize with his weaknesses.

I had a most intimate heart-to-heart conversation today with Stella today. I shared my Dark Secrets (most I have written about in my blog website and she too shared her Dark Secrets.

We finally could talk about my exposé of Brahma Kumaris (BKs) from 28 August 2017 until recently. Stella was only 2-3 years old when her parents Harry and Julia joined Brahma Kumaris – so she did not have a choice until she was older. She told me of her inner struggles with the ultra-strict BK laws (Maryadas) like Brahmacharya (celibacy), strict vegetarian (can’t eat food cooked by “impure” Non-BKs), and 4am meditation.

It was a rather heated impassioned discussion from my side – especially I’ve been accused of all sorts of things, betrayal, and selfish gains from trolls, BKs, Ex-BKs but I knew deep down I did the right thing to expose BKs.

What I went through is what I imagined the first #MeToo actresses went through when they exposed they were raped or sexually harassed by then super-powerful Harvey Weinstein. Trolls were accusing the early whistle blowers of betrayal, self gains, cheap publicity, and questioned their true intentions of ruining Weinstein reputation of instances that happened so long ago, 20+ years earlier.

As the world’s second Chinese to join BK and Co-Founder of Brahma Kumaris Malaysia in 1981, I told her I felt responsible that I brought many people to accept BK, and personally trained many good “pakar” (strong in strict discipline) BK Teachers who spread what I now call the BK Cancer around the world.

I want to make it right, and share my #MeToo BK experience with those I brought to Shiva Baba. Of course, if they choose to continue to join BK then it’s their choice but at least I have done my responsible role to warn them that they will be so disappointed with Shiva Baba’s promise of Golden Age that will never happen in 2036 (predicted by Shiva Baba to be the End of The World when all the estimated 8.9 Billion Iron-Aged humans will die en masse.)

Stella and her parents left Brahma Kumaris a few years ago, don’t follow the strict BK disciplines, and they maintain their “peace” with BKs.

I’m so grateful that my God-Daughter Stella and her family are saved from BKs. These 3 “LOST SHEEP” mean a lot to me. 🐑👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨

I just hope what I have written and exposed about BKs are useful for others, and that my efforts have been worthwhile even just to save one lost sheep I’m grateful and at peace.

I asked Stella for forgiveness of all the wrong and hurt I did in the past. I revealed I have let go of my ATTACHMENTS to Brenda, my late wife and I’m ready for a new Life Partner. Stella seems very protective of me and whom I’m dating (so far only one date with an Italian Goddess after Brenda passed away 4½ years ago).

Hulk - A Woman who Calms the Beast.png

Stella is one of a few whom I allow to let them help me calm down my Incredible Hulk Bipolar moments.

I revealed I’m now channelling my limitless energies, thinking, writing, speaking, and whispering skills with my guardian angel Brenda and twin soul from criticizing BKs and Cults to writing ebooks, talks, workshops. I told her I’m writing my first love story novel based on my life and love story and the characters will be based on my real life connections.

Broken Heart into Art.jpg

I offered Stella ownership of my businesses as inheritance but she declined. She is very contended and fulfilled being a Freelance English Teacher and Corporate Trainer for Etiquette. I respect that.

I’m so happy that our heated conversation today has made us so much closer, intimate, and loving.

I love you Stella, my little baby God-Daughter is now a mature, contributing adult – the pride and love of my life.



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Written by Robert Chaen,
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Published on 16th August 2018.
Updated on 18th August 2018.
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