Come join my life’s journey together.
My GF-Life Partner Wish List.

Love. Give. Co-Create. Inspire. Adventure.

Today I aim to go on a Trip and a Date once per month. Or, she can be both my Travel & Romance Buddy. Some friends want to Match-make me so here is my GF-Life Partner Wish List:

What I think is a Good Compatible Match for me:
Classy, good dresser, speaks good English.
Intellectual, powerful, mature enough to talk heavy duty business, politics.
Alpha Female. Raw ok, as I have coached many Alpha Females, Female CEOs, and Brenda, my late wife, had raw talents. I made Brenda my COO and Business Partner. Through my ChangeU platform she transformed over 12 years of Co-Coaching with me in ChangeU (

● High morals, integrity. Goddess/ Kitsune Fox
● Spiritual (not religious), live a purposeful life.
Not jealous of: 1. My Businesses   
2. Whisperings with Brenda, my Twin Soul.
She should willingly share my passion, purpose, and meaning in life. And the destiny that the Soul of Brenda will reincarnate by the end of 2018, and eventually be part of my life in some kind of

● Age: over 29 years
My Body Physical type ranking (which is different from the norm):
1. Face
2. Eyes
3. Legs (can be taller than me)
4. Boobs (small boobs are pretty too)
5. Butt


Top 5 things men find most physically attractive in women (PG rated)

Top 5 things men find most physically attractive in women

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For my friends and Staff who are tickled pink trying to Match-Make me, here are what I think is NOT compatible and a big turn-off for me:
● too “teh” (no English equivalent, maybe
● fluff ball, bimbo
● Religious types, strict, control freak, moody, manipulative, Daji seductive 9-tailed fox
● Body type: too big ass like Kim Kardashian, too big boobs, fat, too short, unexpressive face


What My Future may hold:

● 1. Writing my First Love Story Novel – and my future Life Partner will be in it.

● 2. Continuation and reinventing of my first business ChangeU International and 4 New Category E-Commerce: 

# 5 Brands - CU, MoV, BH, TDash & VC.jpg

● 3. Continuation and reinventing of my Personal Passion and Purpose:

Papillon-Butterfly Life Changing Principles.
Robren’s Love Secrets.

RCI - 4 Brands


My famous last words on my future GF-Life Partner:
In all possible, as a Cosmic Karmic Joke, I may end up with someone not even close to what I described, WHY?
Brenda was not my body type, she did not cook (only in her later years), did not do house chores except laundry (I was the House-Husband who cooked or buy food for her), short (5 feet/ 1.52m), she was a Portuguese Hong Konger, had a rare Crohn’s Disease, and was a smoker from 17 years old until she died in 2013. There you go! So anything goes!

Good luck in your Match-making haha.
Cheers, Robert


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Written by Robert Chaen,
Thinker, Writer, Speaker and Whisperer.
Published on 14th August 2018.
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