How I have Transformed since 12 July 2018
What it all Means to My Readers, My Graduates, My Partners, and My Team

I’m not Robert, the name of my body.
Brenda is not Brenda, the name of her dead body.

 I'm Not Robert

NOTICE to My Readers:
My active readers will probably notice my writing, style, words, focus have transformed from being overly critical, Alpha Male Badass, overly complicated to empowering, simple, much more accessible, useful, and easier to understand especially my ‘heavy” topics of death, grieving, premonitions, and spiritual ideas.

However, my old articles before 10th July 2018 will not be updated unless stated otherwise.
Life is too short. I do not have time to re-visit and update all past articles written before 10th July 2018 – with my new more empowering, user-friendly style. My old articles before 10th July 2018 are kind of like how the Old Testament is very different from the  New Testament of the Holy Bible. The New Testament is much more positive and not as dark compared with The Old T.

But don’t be confused letting go of my attachments to Brenda doesn’t mean I’ll stop writing about my whisperings with Angel Brenda. In reality my writing from my whisperings with Angel Brenda has become more prolific and refined with much more clarity than before.

The RayVan Catalyst
10th – 12th July 2018 period was the biggest change in my life since my wife crossed-over on 23 December 2013.

RayVan at Alor IMG_5077.JPG

RayVan Catalyst – my biggest life-changing paradigm since Brenda’s crossover. [Photo credit: Jalan Alor]

RayVan is a most loving and compatible couple who are my Airbnb guests. Ray is a 70-year old New Zealander Astrologist, and Van is a healer. Ray practically gave me a 3 day-3 night astrological reading and together with Van gave me personal growth counselling for free. It’s apparent that they were meant to stay with me as my stranger Airbnb guests. They were forced to leave Bali due to losing US$2,500. 

On the early morning of their arrival, I noticed that there were no crows in the daily sunrise migration – which was rather odd for the 10 minutes on my balcony. I asked my Magic Cards what does it mean, and I picked “Change”. So I knew 10th July 2018 would be special. 

I had many astrology readings in my life but this was the most life-changing astrological reading. Both RayVan observed my every body language when I responded to the many aspects Ray covered – my body did not lie


In essence, 5 Major Aspects I learnt from the RayVan Awakening:
1. I have 4 Planets in Virgo (Sun, Moon, etc.)
Virgo explains some of my Light Side i.e. my high morality, ethics, integrity, Virgin-thinking, highly critical and analytical nature.

My Return to Innocence from My Dark Side of 9 Vices

2. My Ascendant is Scorpio
(the sign at the time of my birth, the second most important astrological sign)
Scorpio explains some of my Dark Side (The 9 Vices) i.e. jealously (vengeance), lust, laziness, greed, gluttony, arrogance, anger, attachment and addictions.

I was shocked when I realized it was my Scorpio side that is attracted to hot sexy Daji Foxes which proved to be my potential downfall. Sometimes my strong Scorpio Ascendant can override my 4 Planets in Virgo.

But luckily my Virgo keeps my dark side in check. I may have strong obsessive thoughts of lust and control but my thoughts do not become action.

3. “Ashes Of The Wake” T-Shirt Message Ritual
From the astrological chart Ray showed me I was attached to Brenda. I was in deep denial – I always maintained I had let go of Brenda at her death bed. Man, was I wrong!

Ray then went on to prove to me. Three of us sat on a table in the famous Jalan Alor food street in Kuala Lumpur, nearby my condominium. We did a T-Shirt Message Ritual: ask a question and the Universe will send you a ‘random’ t-shirt with a word-phrase message. Within three minutes Ray saw a tee 10 feet away which had a most unusual and unique phrase: Ashes Of The Wake”.

All three of us were stunned. For me this tee message was an irrefutable sign-message from the Universe and from The Other Side – an Afterlife Sign from Brenda.
I believe, I believe. I Be Leaf.

Be Leaf

This is exact small leaf fell on the red table in front of me and RayVan when we doing the T-Shirt Message Ritual

“Be Leaf.
  Fall and Be Free.”
~ Robren


4. I Saw My Future Wife in My Future Wedding
On the third day, Ray suddenly asked me what I wanted in 7 years’ time:
Q. Do I want a successful business or a new wife/ life partner in 7 years’ time?
Without my pondering, I said my business was not doing well in the last 1½ years, so I want a successful business. Ray responded, “Really? you can do your business with your eyes closed! But … you don’t believe you can have a new wife or life partner, do you?

Reluctantly in disbelief, I said I wanted a new wife.
Ray suddenly stopped me and said
“Close your eyes. Imagine you are in your wedding 7 years in the future, what do you see?
“I see myself in a beach, nothing else”
“Look down at your feet, what do you see?”
“I see I’m bare footed on fine beach sand.”
“Where are your shoes?”
“My shoes are on my left. I can feel the soft powder sand!”
“Great! How many guests are present?”
“Around 25.”
“Where exactly are you, where is the beach?”
“You know I promised Brenda to take her to Hawaii for a honeymoon after we were married. I did not have much money when I married Brenda in 27th April 1996.”
“OK, let’s move on.”
“But I can’t see how my future wife looks like at all – it’s blank!”
“I think I don’t believe this is true, right?”
“Stop being a Victim now.”
“Did you see your marriage?”
“Were you there in your future marriage?”
“You see, you, your Soul can travel anywhere, anytime, with anyone.”
“You can travel into the future.”
“You can travel to your past.” 
“You are not your body!” 
“You are not Robert.
“Robert is your body in this lifetime.”
“Wow! This is so profound, such a simple truth!”
“What is truth?”
“There is no such thing as truth!”
“Truth is only true to you!”
“Ray, you are a true Master!”
“Stop throwing your hands down in worship!”
“I’m not your guru!”
“I’ll pass it on to help others. Why don’t you teach this to others?”
“It’s not my thing.”
“Can I write about this incredible experience, write about who you are?”
“No, don’t write about me. Some things are best kept secret.”
“But I want others to benefit from this. I don’t want to benefit alone.”
“Ah. In that case, change the format.”
(within six hours, I found my format – a novel with a film based on my true story and with many life-changing principles and inspirational stories interspersed throughout the novel).

5. On Being Useful
I had my doubts about exposing certain cults I left 28 and 26 years ago.
In 28th August 2017, I exposed the Brahma Kumaris (BKs in short) in a YouTube video. The original video now has gone viral 13,500+ views. I did an exposé series of the Brahma Kumaris and Shiva Baba, BKs’ god and founder after leaving BKs 28 years earlier. I was inspired my #MeToo movement to expose wrongdoings.

My brother Tom and I were the World’s first Chinese to join BKs. I was a BK from 1979-1989. I was Co-Founder of Brahma Kumaris Malaysia in 1991.

Then I exposed LGAT (Large Group Awareness Training) Cults and my interactions with Life Dynamics, Life Spring, AsiaWorks, Landmark (I met Werner Erhard in Hong Kong who established est, later renamed as Landmark Forum), Alexander Everett, The Father of Human Potential Movement (after attending his retreat in Orcas Island in 1993, I stayed at his home in Eugene, Oregon).

I created the Saving 72 Virgins YouTube Channel and
I created the Saving 72 Virgins Top CULT List.
After being overwhelmed by many requests for help to save and return their Brahma Kumaris family cult member, I started writing my ongoing eBook:

Freedom Butterflies: A self-help e-book for those who live with Cult family members to return to innocence and their families

I discussed with Ray that my cult writing and CSR initiatives were taking way too much time and energy from operating my businesses and my real passion and purpose of Twin Souls, healing, personal growth, etc.

Ray’s advice about my cult mediation work was simply: Is it USEFUL?

I decided that I’ll leave my useful articles and YouTube videos online (rather than removing them) for anyone who can want to use them to persuade their cult family member to leave the cult. I’ll keep track of my cult CSR initiative whenever I have time.


Brenda: from my wife to my guardian angel (background of how it all started)

My wife Brenda José suddenly died from major organ failure from a perforated intestines caused by 20 years of Crohn’s Disease. Two hours after her body died, she send me her first irrefutable Afterlife Sign: a Mark Six Lottery ticket with 2 of her Soul Numbers 7 & 11. The very next day on Christmas Eve I was channeling her as my writing dramatically changed and since then I am the Whisperer for Angelic Brenda (she operates from the 6th Dimension called The Afterlife or the Angelic Realm.

Deciphering Brenda’s Code (equivalent to deciphering a spiritual Da Vinci Code)

It took me around 1 year to decipher Brenda’s Code of Afterlife Signs, messages through staff, friends.


My Paradigm Shift of 5 Key Focus:
1. Brenda: From the Ashes of The Wake TO Letting Go of My Attachments to Brenda’s physical form.

2. Cults: From exposure TO helping Ex-Cult members Return to their Families 

3. My New Life Partner: I went for my first date after 4½ years of Brenda’s passing away.

4. My New Business:
4.1.  I’m changing my company ChangeU‘s business model to International Franchise platform.
4.2  New business categories: Travel niche.
4.3.  MoVsha Speakers Bureau
4.4  #TeeMessages Movement and TeeMessages

5. My Writing
My active readers will probably notice my writing, style, words, focus have transformed from being overly critical, Alpha Male Badass, overly complicated to empowering, simple, much more accessible and easier to understand especially my heavy topics of death, grieving, premonitions, spiritual ideas. 

5.1 My First Love Story Novel
A seed was planted on 12th July 2018 (witnessed by RayVan) for me to write my first love story novel (3 parts) based on my own true story, with a script/screenplay as well for a film. 


My New Found Philosophy

1. Being Useful
Everything I write, speak, advice, consult should only be useful.
The Virgo in me will find Usefulness in everything.

2. Choosing a Folly (a foolish act).
“Choose a folly, play it out as though it really matters, knowing all the time it doesn’t.”

~ Robren

Choose a Folly Quote.jpg

Choose your favorite folly and The Meaning.jpg

My Top 3 Favorite Follies:
1. A Whisperer of Angel Brenda (a folly as in a role, identity, purpose).
2. A Love Story Novelist & a Relationship Coach (pastime, dream, alter-ego).
3. A God Advocate who thinks God, religions, and cults are Man’s greatest follies, a product of Man’s imagination, and God’s laws are man-made laws (activist, troll).

Oh My God.jpg

3. Inspired by Mahathir Mohamad, the oldest Prime Minister in history at 92 years.

Mahathir is an Inspiration

4. Scarcity to Abundance
I’m a Giver, and I give fully of myself. 
I aim to surrender to God, Angel Brenda, Angel of Truth, my Angels.

5. My Intimacy with Myself and Relationships
I create and maintain close, intimacy with my family, my close friends, relationships, and strangers who cross paths and come into my life.
Robren are writing “Robren’s Love Secrets” series and will be integrated into the Papillon-Butterfly Life-Changing Program.

Saturn governs:

  • Maturity
  • Structure
  • Discipline & work ethic
  • Time
  • Karma
  • Government, banks, corporations
  • Prestige, status, authority

Anyone below 29 is not marriage/ life partner material. According to RayVan, the Saturn Cycles are in 29.5 year cycles. In his own life, his life totally changed around 29 years old, marriage failed in 2 weeks, and he was introduced to Astrology. Ray strongly advises not to marry before 29 years old or marry or have a life partner who is less than 29 years old.  The rate of divorce is the highest with the 21-29 age range.

 My Saturn is in Capricorn which is one of the more beneficial signs.

No more less than 29 year old ladies for dating and life partner choice.
Sorry my young lady friends – wait until you are 29 years old to apply haha.

6. My Habits

6.1 Waking up and watching the Ascendant at sunrise

6.2 My daily 7 Minute Meditation Ritual with my Magic Cards


7. My New Robren Twin Souls Mission
7.1  Papillon-Butterfly Life-Changing Program
7.1.1  Robren Love Secrets
7.2  Afterlife Channel
7.3  Saving 72 Virgins CSR
7.4  Robren E-Books And Love Story Novels


Robren Logo + Pic + Slogan
Written by Robert Chaen with Robren.
Robren is the Twin Souls of Whisperer Robert Chaen and Angel Brenda (Robert’s late wife). Robert is the writer and whisperer of Angel Brenda from The Afterlife. Robren’s mission is bringing light, truth, and love in darkness, corruption, tyranny, falsehood, judgments, hatred and intolerance in community, races, and religions.

Published on 6th August 2018.
Updated on 7th August 2018.
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