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How Traveling Changed 10 Famous Celebrities.
Their Life-Changing Idea came from Traveling.

1. Howard Schultz (Starbucks) – idea originated from traveling in Italy (age 29).

2. Dietrich Mateschitz (Redbull) – idea catalyzed from traveling in Thailand (age 40).

3. J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter) – idea germinated from traveling Manchester to London (age 25).

4. Steve Jobs (Apple) – one of two or three most important things he had ever done in his life from traveling on a pilgrimage to India (age 23).

5. Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) – Steve Jobs recommended him to travel on an Indian pilgrimage “was an important part of our company in early years” (age 24).

6. Christopher Columbus (Discoverer of the New World) – considered by others to had sailed “off the edge of the earth to his death” (age 41).

7. Benjamin Franklin (Founding Father of America) – ran away from home and voyaged to London and France (age 17).

8. Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love) – wrote a book on a 1 year adventure through Italy, India and Indonesia (age 37).

9. Shahid Khan (Flex-N-Gate) – traveled to US from Pakistan (age 16).

10. Jeff Bezos (Amazon) – traveled across America while writing a business plan onto spare napkins (age 30).

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(extra person with 3 life-changing ideas)
11. Robert Chaen (ChangeU) – Indian pilgrimage travelling across India through Chennai, Kanyakumari , Ooty, New Delhi, and Mt. Abu, Rajasthan “was a significant part of my early life” (age 22); (a love novel) crazy idea when dining with a visiting travelling couple and expanding the idea while travelling to Malacca in July 2018; (niche traveling app) while returning to Hong Kong in October 2017.

These people are no smarter or talented than you are. At the time, some had little or no money at all. They still traveled and observed the world around them. They decided to have a big dream and accepted their ability to turn it into a reality. They have made a fortune.

But it is nothing in comparison to the gold mine in every cemetery. All these ideas and dreams that could have forever changed the world. Each a gift to humanity – buried in fear and doubt.

Your biggest challenge is not accomplishing great things. Your biggest challenge is admitting how much power you truly have to do them…

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When will you travel and originate your biggest life-changing idea?


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Written by Robert Chaen,
CEO of ChangeU, Thinker, Writer, Speaker and Whisperer
Published on 2nd August 2018.
Updated on 30th August 2018.
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