There is Light, Truth, Love & Life through the Darkness of Cults. “Freedom  Butterflies”:  A self-help e-book for those who live with Cult family members to return to innocence and their families ~ by Robren

We starting a new coaching e-book for those who have been asking me for my personal help in their cult situation. However, my businesses takes urgent priority over the CSR community service such as Saving 72 Virgins social media platform and Brahma Kumaris Cult FB group.

In order to help as many people, we are writing this “Freedom Butterflies” e-book. We will select relevant articles from, or write new articles relevant to cults and generic topics that will assist in your cult mediation and self-recovery process.

“Freedom Butterflies” e-book covers the full spectrum of Light, Truth, Love & Life:
● Information about Cults with special mention on Brahma Kumaris if it is appropriate.
● Personal effectiveness principles from our Papillon program.
● #TeeMessages articles ( TeeMessages).
● Best Practice Exercises

We know some readers especially Brahma Kumaris Cult (open FB group) prefer articles related to BKs only, but the truth is we need a much wider approach than just criticizing the delusional beliefs of Shiva Baba which we have written many articles already.

Those die-hard BK Cult members who only want to read BK articles can choose to skip this e-book series. Many thanks for your support.

~ Robren


Insights into Cults Chapters
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Hard-Selling, Pushy Large Group Awareness Training (LGAT) and Psychotherapy Cults – Landmark, LifeSpring, AsiaWorks, Scientology   click here
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Brahma Kumaris Cult 101 Guide   click here
Cult members have no normal life and no choices A cult controls every aspect of their followers’ lives.   click here
Brahma Kumaris have no normal life and no choices. Shiva Baba controls every aspect of Brahma Kumaris’ lives.   click here
“Modus Operandi of Religious Cults and Large Group Awareness Trainings” by Robert Chaen (to be presented ICSA Conference)   click here
Returning Your Loved Ones Back to Your Family. Saving 72 Virgins Cult Mediation Services   click here

Personal Effectiveness (from Papillon-Butterfly program) Chapters

Don’t depend too much on anyone in this world, because even your own shadow leaves you when you are in darkness.  click here


#TeeMessages Chapters
Best Practice Exercises Chapters



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Freedom Butterflies e-book by Robren

Robren is the Twin Souls of Whisperer Robert Chaen and Angel Brenda (Robert’s late wife). Robert is the thinker, writer, speaker, and whisperer of Angel Brenda from The Afterlife. Robren’s mission is bringing light, truth, and love in darkness, corruption, tyranny, falsehood, fake news, lies, propaganda, victim-hood, attachments, sorrow, grieving, addictions, gender inequality, judgments, hatred and intolerance in community, races, and religions.

Published on 31st July 2018.
Updated on 1st August 2018.
Copyright 2018 ©

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The period after leaving a Cult article

For me I felt really guilty about giving up vegetarian almost immediately after leaving Brahma Kumaris.

I was unreasonably paranoid that Sister Maureen Chen, the then Centre-in-Charge of Hong Kong and my ex-Sister-in-Law will walk in when I was eating meat at a restaurant. This is totally irrational and emotional to think that Maureen would even enter a non-vege outlet.

Shiva Baba’s BK brainwashing, Shrimat (supreme directions), Maryadas (strict disciplines) and Murli (daily classes) points were extremely strong. Took me a good 3 years to get rid of BK from my system after 10 year in BK.

After a period of “building the Paranoia Wall”of not trusting any group, any religion, and religious head, and kind of wanting to be alone from any group activities, you begin to let go and break down the Paranoid Wall you created to protect yourself – from hurt, pain, bitterness, and vengeful-ness.
Then only you start to trust, love, and participate again.You learn to have Boundaries, rather than Walls. You learn to be assertive (not aggressive), one of 6 Pillars of Self-Esteem.

~ by Robren (published on 23rd August 2018)