Social Justice Warrior TeeMessages:

Walk around with SJW  #TeeMessages:

[ ]  Addiction “You are smoking my air & space”

[ ]  Divorce “For the sake of your kids, divorce”

[ ]  LGBT “You have rights, so do we”

[ ]  Women “My sexy dress is not your invitation!”

[ ]  Men “Big Boys Do Cry”

[ ]  The Strong “Strong people exude a
      misperception that they don’t need help
      or encouragement but they do”

[ ]  Teenagers “Youth has a voice against Guns”

[ ]  Integrity “With principles, you never buckle
      under pressure”

[ ]  Chinese Banquet “When the buying and
eating Shark Fins stops, so too the killing”

[ ]  Jihadist “You are not getting 72 Virgins, Bro!”

[ ]  Child Marriage “Would you marry off your
      11-year old daughter?”

[ ]  Hug “Give me a Hug if you accept a Muslim”

[ ]  1MDB “They can’t gag us all”

[ ]  Satire “I don’t know about the US$681M but
      I knew that 2½ Chocolates were missing”

[ ]  Shenanigans “Those who do nothing make
      the most noise” TeeMessages



What's Your Tee Message Today

#TeeMessages by Robert Chaen

Written by Robert Chaen,
CEO of Robert Chaen International & ChangeU International
Thinker, Writer, Speaker and Whisperer.
Published on 30th July 2018.
Copyright 2018 ©

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