My First Bose: RoomMate 2 Review & Companion 20 PC Speakers Review

Bose RoomMate 2 Review
I just got back my 27 year-old Bose RoomMate 2 from Bose service centre called FutureWorld located in Plaza Sental, Kuala Lumpur. RM80 for powered amp capacitor  and speaker cable socket plus RM50 service charge.

This is my first ever Bose speakers. I bought it when I was based in Hong Kong. It had been my first laptop speakers. My first laptop was an Apple Macintosh 165C (the first color Mac, with a ridiculous 120MB Hard disk, it came with a 9.8 in (250 mm) (diagonal) passive matrix LCD screen, which for the first time was capable of displaying 4-bit grayscale.


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My first laptop: Apple Macintosh 165C

The RoomMate 2 was ruggedly built. I even used as my portable outdoor speakers when I was coaching my graduates 650C FireWalking. After 27 years of use, a critical spring in the speaker cable socket broke and the speaker cable had to be taped down. So it went for repair. Although it had a fair share of dents, knocks and drops but it is 100% functional and sound excellent for a speaker this size. The bass is powerful before the Subwoofer came into fashion in small PC speakers.

Bose Companion 20 Multimedia Speakers Review

This pair just got back after repair. Replacement for Control Pod RM300 plus RM50 service charge.

Bose Companion 20 is my best PC speakers I owned. It is compact in size to fit a small work-desk, it exudes industrial design, The sound is refined, the bass is powerful, the sound volume is by the unique Control Pod for volume, mute, headphone jack and auxiliary input. Some people had asked where is the bulky Subwoofer – there are none!

#BoseCompanion20  #RobertChaenReview (pc speakers): 9 | 10

I have used Bose speakers since 1991.
My first 27 year-old Bose RoomMate 2 is a testimonial of the long-lasting quality of Bose superior sound engineering.

My most expensive Bose is L1 Compact system (cost the price of half a Myvi car) which was my main PA system for my first Training Function Room in Atria Shopping Gallery, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

9) PA Sound System IMG_9675.JPG


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Published on 28th July 2018.
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